Daredevil hopes to best Evel Knievel with live motorcycle jumps

Pastrana is not just looking to recreate Knievel’s iconic jumps — but to surpass them

Motorcycle daredevil Travis Pastrana is known for jumping high and far.

Now he’ll try leaping into the past.

In “Evel Live,” airing Sunday (8-11 p.m.) from Las Vegas on History, Pastrana will pay homage to the godfather of action sports, Evel Knievel, by attempting three of Knievel’s iconic jumps. Matt Iseman (“American Ninja Warrior”) will host the live telecast, featuring one jump per hour.

“Growing up, [Knievel] was such a larger-than-life figure, the first daredevil I ever remember,” says Iseman (one of his first toys was an Evel Knievel power-charge motorcyle). “And Travis [Pastrana] … wants to pay homage to the originator and evoke what Evel Knievel meant, that sort of trailblazing style, to recreate these stunts.”