(INTELLIHUB) — The simple fact is, factions of the U.S. Government have been fully overran, salted, by the puppet masters behind the curtain.

These very same powers continue to test and carry out chemical, biological, radiological and psychological experiments on the American people and have been for years.

As Jordan Maxwell, who appears in the film says, “Nothing in your world works the way you think it does.”

This bombshell film exposes it all. From the Bilderberg Group, to sinister factions of the military industrial complex, members of the press, and top business executives, nothing is off limits.

The entire film written and produced by Intellihub’s very own Shepard Ambellas and the infamous Jason “The Infowarrior” Bermas, takes the viewer on the ultimate journey to their awakening–and further takes the awake above and beyond.

SHADE is a must see and a must share film that captures the entire ball of wax offering one 90 minute dynamic and powerful synopsis.

In fact, I have personally talked to people who have had similar viewing experiences. The bottom line is that now is the time to become active and pass around this hidden knowledge to your closest friends and family.

The DVD is neatly packaged and shows up in a black envelope adding a crisp, clean, yet ominous feel to this well-produced film.

Filmed in HQ.

Get your DVD hard copy today.

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