Daughter of aviator Kenneth Arnold claims father knew President Eisenhower and was shown pictures of inbound Planet X system

"The thing is, at 7 years old I saw the pictures on the kitchen table of the Nibiru system and how it was going to come..."

Amy Arnold, the fourth daughter of the late famous aviator Kenneth Arnold, called into The Shepard Ambellas Show on Monday where she explained that her father has special connections with President Eisenhower and talked about how her father was shown pictures and details of the inbound Planet X system while sitting at the kitchen table around the time Amy was seven years of age.

Arnold told Ambellas that her father was the man that coined the term “flying saucers” when he saw and clocked a number of unidentified flying objects traveling in the airspace between Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainer while he was flying near Washington State on June 24, 1947.

“The thing is, at 7 years old I saw the pictures on the kitchen table of the Nibiru system and how it was going to come in and I also saw…he had a special connection with the president at the time and it was Eisenhower and I don’t know if that was given frim Eisenhower or not but I remember seeing it at the kitchen table.”

“The Nibiru system… has other planets with it–those planets have been seen from the Alaskan cameras okay and… when Nibiru comes by there is going to be a pole shift and of course oceans are going to slosh around…,” she explained. “… I’ve been telling people to get off the coastlines–I’ve been telling people to get prepared–you need to have a good source of water you need to have food–I mean this is not fiction.”

“This is really happening,” she said. “The things on Earth are happening–the volcanoes, the earthquakes, you know, all of that.”

“So as far as I know–I don’t have a telescope out there but according to God’s calendar if things started 9/23/2017 then asteroids and stuff are supposed to hit before September 19th…,” the fourth daughter of Kennith Arnold explained.

Arnold said she believes that President Trump is aware of the impending doom and is planning to spend time with his family, knowing that “time is short.”

“The Nibiru system is coming in… and it’s going to devastate the entire world but that’s how they are going to bring in the new world system…”

Arnold also said that she also speculates that an alien invasion is coming along with the arrival of the planetary system and suggested that people move at least 200 miles off the coastlines to maximize their chances of survival.

“It’s going to be the biggest event in the world as far as we know it, you know, being alive now and it’s not like this hasn’t happened before–every 3600 years this system comes through.”

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