David Petraeus Resigns as CIA Director – CIA Holds Angelina Jolie Photo-Op at Headquarters

According to reports, Paula Broadwell, General Petraeus’ biographer and a former military officer, made email threats against another (unknown) woman connected to Petraeus (not his wife) which then triggered an FBI probe that ultimately caused the General to resign from his post as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

By Shepard Ambellas
November 9, 2012

CIA Director David Petraeus had been married for 36 years to his wife Holly before being nominated by Barack Obama in June of 2010 to “Succeed General Stanley McChrystal as commanding general of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, technically a step down from his position as Commander of United States Central Command, which oversees the military efforts in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, and Egypt. 

On June 30, 2011, Petraeus was unanimously confirmed as the next Director of the CIA by the U.S. Senate 94-0.

 Petraeus relinquished command of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan on July 18, 2011 and retired from the U.S. Army on August 31, 2011″, according to Wikipedia.

Now a little over a year later Petraeus is actively resigning from the CIA, claiming to have had “an extramarital affair”. However a few things are not adding up to say the least.

Officials said Broadwell, “Spent the better part of a year reporting on Petraeus’ time in Afghanistan.

Her best-selling biography, ‘All In: The Education of General David Petraeus,’ was written with Vernon Loeb, a Washington Post editor, and published in January. Since Petraeus’s resignation on Friday, the book jumped from a ranking on Amazon of 76,792 on Friday to 111 by mid-Saturday”, reported the Chicago Tribune.

And to further the conspiracy the Chicago Tribune also reported:

“In one incident that caught CIA staff by surprise, Broadwell posted a photograph on her Facebook page of Petraeus with actress Angelina Jolie, taken in his 7th floor office where only the official CIA photographer is permitted to take photos. Petraeus had apparently given Broadwell the photo just hours after it was taken.”

But even more importantly, what would actress Angelina Jolie be doing on the 7th floor in the CIA headquarters taking pictures with the Director of the CIA? This is not routine practice and must be questioned.

It is possible the CIA has “salted” influential Hollywood actors to push predictive programing onto the masses.

During the filming of ‘Salt’, Angelina Jolie trained with a former CIA agent. But this still doesn’t answer the question of why she would be on the 7th floor of the CIA headquarters in a top-secret area?


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