Dead Protestor Outside Greek Parliament As Government Claims Protestors Are a Minority

The Intellihub
Shepard Ambellas
October 21, 2011

The people of Greece have reached a breaking point as the country has been squeezed until suffocation.

The Greek government says that the protesters are a minority, the protesters claim they are slaves of the government.

Greek residents brace themselves as more violence is headed down the pipe.

France had warned Greece of total destruction if the leaders failed to take action — will a 10.75 Billion be enough?

The violence ramps up on the streets as the people wait in anger. What will be the final outcome?

A Reuters excerpt reads;

A political storm erupted on Monday over the worst riots in Rome for years, with the government accused of failing to prevent well organized and violent groups infiltrating one of many global protests against the financial system.

While politicians from the fragile government of Silvio Berlusconi used the riots as a stick with which to beat the center-left opposition, accusing them of fomenting discontent, Interior Minister Roberto Maroni came under fire from all sides

for failing to prevent the violence.

The Australian reported;

As a protester died outside, Greece’s parliament passed an austerity bill that could release a much-needed E8 billion ($10.75bn) in emergency loans. But hopes of a “big bang” deal to save the euro tomorrow faded.

After talking down expectations all week, Germany said it expected the European Union summit in Brussels would produce no deal to increase the E440bn European Financial Stability Facility, which is to be used to prop up Greece and convince the markets that Europe’s shaky south and struggling banks are solvent.

According to the following clip, the Greek government believes that 100’s of thousands of protesters are a minority;

How long until the crisis hits America?