Deadly blood sport exposed: At least 50 horses eviscerated every week in front of children at tournament — Full on gutting

Hollywood celeb faces off on Twitter with Mexican official vowing to end the corruption

YUCATÁN, Mexico (INTELLIHUB) — Much like the inhumane “sport” of cockfighting which dates back about 6,000-years to Persia, but far worse — a popular “tournament loop” is conducted every Sunday evening, starting at 5 pm, running late into the night at the Plaza De Toros, a professional bull-fighting and rodeo arena.

In fact, the bloody event, costing a mere 25 pesos, is very popular among local families and young children who cheer loudly with glee as live horses are savagely ravaged, gored and eventually eviscerated to die a slow painful death from explosively violent bulls wearing razor-sharp mechanized horn extensions. To make matters worse and despite the illegalities of these type events, Victor Caballero Duran, the Secretary General of Government, has validated the event which sparked a recent brawl with many on Twitter and with one of Hollywood’s most controversial personalities drawing international attention.

Raul Julia-Levy Tweeted:

Actor and producer Raul Julia-Levy, standing up for those who can’t speak [the horses themselves], feels the bloody tournament loops should be banned, pointing out on Twitter, we are not gonna rest until they stop eviscerating horses in Yucatan […]”.

All of this has Julia-Levy and many others outraged as they vow to end the “corruption” which has plagued the region for years. Julia-Levy is currently working on “The Lazo”, a documentary film exposing the illegal carnage taking place in sporting arenas.

While Raul Julia-Levy has remained a controversial figure in Hollywood after being the center of an organized attack in which claims were made that Julia-Levy is actually a man by the name of Salvador Fuentes. However, the accusations have been proven to be false and sources at the Los Angeles Police Department conclude Julia-Levy has no record. Although Julia-Levy does maintain that he used his friend’s [Fuentes’] I.D. to get into clubs when he was underage, Julia-Levy is a separate person and has no other affiliation with Fuentes.