Deadly ‘cartoon jihad’ hits Paris satire mag Charlie Hebdo – in ‘GLADIO-style’ attack


21st Century Wire

France finally got its ’9/11 moment’ today, when at least two gunman dressed in black and armed with Kalashnikov rifles, stormed the offices of a magazine, killing two police/security personnel and 10 journalists, and injuring 11 others during the raid.

According to French officials, four of the survivors are said to be in ‘serious’ condition.

The attack is said to have taken place in the middle of an editorial meeting of the political magazine, Charlie Hebdon, known popularly as ‘Charlie’, with masked gunman calling out by name and killing first its editor Stephane ‘Carb’ Charbonnier, 47 (photo, left) execution-style, along with 9 other editors and staff, including frequent contributor and French economist Bernard Maris.

Magazine editor Charbonnier had received death threats in the past and is said to have been ‘living under police protection’ until today. It’s still unclear whether or not the police van – which is normally positioned outside of the magazine’s offices, was removed before the attack took place, and if so, why a ‘stand-down’ order was issued in advance of the raid.

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Beyond all of the media’s ‘ISIS’ hyperbole, unquestionably, today’s attack has all the characteristic of a professional contract hit. Witnesses remarked on how the gunman were perfectly calm and spoke perfect native French, and commented on their ‘expert marksmanship’, hitting all targets with single shots, and not spraying bullets indiscriminately. Witnesses also described the gunman as ‘bulked-up’ from what appears to be body armour, and kevlar ‘bullet-proof’ protection underneath their over garments.

Another witness commented on the adroit, calm, European-style and professional demeanor of the gunman, stating, “At first I thought it was special forces.” This reinforces suspicions that today’s event had many signatures of another GLADIO-style attack carried out on European soil (by NATO intelligence), designed to effect a specific political or public opinion reaction within France.

UPDATE: As of 11:30pm local time, French police are claiming to have ”indentified” 3 suspects, two brothers and one other, aged 34, 32, and 18, who reside in a suburb of Paris, and who police believe “may have been the shooters” (but this does not necessarily mean they were the gunmen who carried out today’s attack).

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