Dear Mr. President: There’s something concerning about COVID-19 you may want to explain to us?

Is "COVID-19" a militarized operation? Biological/psychological warfare program?

(INTELLIHUB) — The following is an open letter to President Donald J. Trump.

Dear Mr. President,

As you may have heard, COVID-19 is a deadly disease in which officials claim can develop in a person after one gets infected with SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

However, we find that the letters “COVID-19” have already been painted on the side of chemical tanker railcars despite the fact that there is no known chemical reference to COVID-19 which is concerning.

Moreover, we find the letters “COVID-19” painted directly on military vehicles which denotes that COVID-19 is actually a militarized operation.

Please review the images in the following Tweet that were capture at undisclosed locations in the CONUS. Please zoom in on them.

Can you please tell the American people just exactly what COVID-19 is and always was?

I expect that you will address the American people on this in the next 24 hours before more damning information will be released via secure channels.

A Concerned Citizen

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