Deep State captures Flynn with en passant move — who’s next?


Trump’s unconventional approach throws Deep State for loop

WASHINGTON D.C. (INTELLIHUB) — In America, once sworn into office the President of the United States (POTUS) becomes the acting C.E.O. for the corporation of the UNITED STATES and goes to work. And yes, the “UNITED STATES” is a corporation, just in case you didn’t already know. It was formed in 1871 and only controls the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) and territories which the corporation acquires or purchases.

When a POTUS takes the helm on Inauguration Day he or she is then essentially the new 24/7/365 controller for the UNITED STATES. Withal, since the POTUS is not a robot (at least we can only hope) and he or she needs to rest, relax, plan, shower, etc., the Deep State is always there to step in and save the day, taking any unwanted burden off of the POTUS at any given time. It’s almost like having a personal maid or assistant. Indeed, after awhile, a POTUS can get quite comfortable and may enjoy taking full advantage of the lavish apparatus waiting in the wings.

What’s more, C.I.A. and other intelligence ties to a POTUS usually dictate what top-down information the POTUS is privy to and the methodology that will be used to feed it to them. For instance: Is the POTUS receiving a ‘standard meal’ or a ‘force feeding?’

During Barack H. Obama’s tenure, I guess you could say, he was eating the ‘standard meal’ in such a way that he became apathetic, all the while allowing the Deep State free rein to the corporation. And we all know how that goes — countless executive orders, no-bid contracts, money laundering, you name it, that’s how they do it, that’s how they loot the corporation of the UNITED STATES. These people have no allegiance, they are toilet fish, i.e. pond scum for that matter.

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The Deep State (A.K.A. the National Security Racketeering Network) and all that encompasses it, both good and bad, which includes but is not limited to, all of its quantum computers, all of its spooks (the C.I.A.), its techies, all of its operatives, and the entire Continuity of Government Program (COG) combined, serves as a crutch for the POTUS if need be. And seems how pretty much every president since John F. Kennedy’s assassination has had substantial C.I.A. ties or direct and association with the agency, as in the case of George H.W. Bush and Obama, one can only assume that most presidents simply hit the Ol’ cruise control button after they entered the White House, signaling the Deep State to streamline everything, ultimately putting the Deep State in control. Although this process is not as passive as I made it sound, it’s more like the C.I.A. directs their operative, which is usually the sitting POTUS, to do exactly as they say. The president is more often than not just a puppet per se, an actor, the acting C.E.O. of the corporation. But the tables have recently turned.

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You see, with Trump’s unexpected win, the powers-that-be (the entire Deep State apparatus) are having a hard time facilitating their normal spectrum of control due to Trump’s unconventional approach to just about everything and the fact that Trump is not a cutout in the first place. Trump has literally forced them to rewrite their standard issue playbook. The very thought being powerless, even if only for a mere second, weighs heavy on these people’s minds. Just like in the Wizard of Oz, they are generally the people behind the curtain who pull the strings.

Trump is his own animal. An unusual character with extremely honed skills in many areas. And he is not going to always do things the traditional way because he’s quite aware of what I am explaining here in this piece. Moreover, Trump also knows that the Deep State is hovering over his shoulder, monitoring every phone call, every conversation, lurking, waiting for any opportunity to arise which the Deep State can then use to pounce in order to restore power back to their well-greased machine.

You can almost look at the Deep State like Skynet from the Terminator movies. At all times Skynet wanted full control, yet, in a sense, Skynet was always entirely out of control.

The most recent en passant move by the powers-that-be to remove Gen. Michael Flynn from the grand chessboard was well done on their part. Not that I agreed with it or anything — it was just a brilliant move. Don’t get me wrong, for sure I would have rather seen Flynn stay as the president’s National Security Advisor because I thought he was going to be a good one. But the bottom line is, Flynn was taken out by the Deep State and with ease. Like I said, the move was en passant. But the swiftness and timing of it lead some to believe that the roots of this may go deeper, even getting into Podesta email or Pizzagate territory.

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Intellihub’s Alex Thomas reported Tuesday:

We now know that Flynn wasn’t actually targeted over phone calls with a Russian ambassador but rather was a victim of a full-scale operation to take him out.

This operation, conducted by Obama operatives, elements of the intelligence community, and the establishment media, was a direct effort to counter not only investigations into possible elite pedophile rings but also to take out a fierce critic of the corrupt intelligence community leaders.

Now we have to wonder what Trump’s ultimate response will be. We also have to wonder what the Deep State’s next move will be as the ‘Russian narrative’ is already culminating throughout the corporate media once again.

These people will stop at nothing to assure they get one of their prized players back onto the field and they mean business. By any means possible they will press to remove Trump from the presidency altogether, but this will all likely come down to a contrived technicality which the outgoing Obama Admin laid the groundwork for. It looks like the media is trying to roll out the ‘Russian narrative’ and may even actually attempt to prove that someone inside the administration somehow has or had ties. And if the Deep State succeeds, which I hope they don’t, don’t be surprised if they don’t try and roll out Michelle Obama as their trojan horse, the silent knight.

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A recent poll on Twitter shows that Michelle Obama would have no chance as POTUS, but shockingly it appears that Obama’s hard left Organizing For Action group is already preparing for a potential run of the former first lady behind the scenes.

Can Trump adapt fast enough to the mob mentality, become super hardcore, Hulk out and fight back big league?

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