Deep State determined to go to war with Russia

Deep State determined to go to war with Russia

Critical questions that demand accurate answers:

Why did Comey even show up for the intel hearing? Because he was forced to by his masters in Deep State.

Then why did Deep State trot Comey out on stage to take such fierce fire from every side?

Let’s be very real for a moment. James Comey had absolutely nothing to gain, and everything to lose by showing up last Thursday.  In fact, by exposing himself to the Senate Intelligence Committee he lost so much credibility that he will never recover.

Not only was Comey completely destroyed professionally — by the senators as well as by himself — he will never work in government again.  His stunning self-incriminations were so damning that he may never work again in law enforcement.  Of course, there is always a place in Deep State waiting for him.

Via State of the Nation

Featured Image: WASHINGTON — June 8, 2017. James B. Comey, the former F.B.I. director, testifies before Congress and is expected to discuss his meetings and phone calls with President Trump leading up to his dismissal. (Screencapture via New York Times/YouTube)