Deep State works with corporate media hacks in political assassination of Michael Flynn


Anonymous intelligence analysts leak calls to corporate media in direct attack on American democracy

(INTELLIHUB) — In a series of moves directly coordinated between the deep state, Obama operatives, and the establishment media, Michael Flynn was forced to resign as national security adviser late Monday night after transcripts of calls between him and the Russian ambassador were leaked to the Washington Post.

The leaks to Post reporters, Adam Entous, Ellen Nakashima and Philip Rucker, started a media frenzy with claims that Flynn may have “lied” to Vice President Pence about the nature of his calls to the ambassador. Some reports even ludicrously claimed that Flynn could have violated the law and was open to blackmail for simply doing his job.

As Paul Joseph Watson noted:

In reality, Flynn’s conversation with Kislyak was merely the excuse that establishment neo-cons and neo-libs from both parties were desperately searching for. They wanted him gone from the very beginning. This was a deep state coup.

In essence, Flynn was merely exercising due diligence as incoming National Security Adviser by communicating with a prominent foreign official. However, the politicized intelligence community and the breathless, hysterical anti-Trump press demanded Flynn’s head on the basis that he had violated the Logan Act, even though that contention is shaky at best.

The mainstream media’s sudden concern for Flynn having potentially violated the Logan Act is interesting given that establishment politicians have been violating the Logan Act for decades by physically meeting with foreign officials at Bilderberg conferences, without a whimper of dissent from the press.

[clickToTweet tweet=”There does appear to be a well-orchestrated effort to attack Flynn — Alex Thomas” quote=”There does appear to be a well-orchestrated effort to attack Flynn and others in the administration — Alex Thomas”]

There does appear to be a well-orchestrated effort to attack Flynn and others in the administration.

We now know that Flynn wasn’t actually targeted over phone calls with a Russian ambassador but rather was a victim of a full-scale operation to take him out.

This operation, conducted by Obama operatives, elements of the intelligence community, and the establishment media, was a direct effort to counter not only investigations into possible elite pedophile rings but also to take out a fierce critic of the corrupt intelligence community leaders.

Eli Lake, writing in a Bloomberg opinion piece, noted that Flynn was actively working to reform the intelligence-industrial complex.

Flynn was a fat target for the national security state. He has cultivated a reputation as a reformer and a fierce critic of the intelligence community leaders he once served with when he was the director the Defense Intelligence Agency under President Barack Obama. Flynn was working to reform the intelligence-industrial complex, something that threatened the bureaucratic prerogatives of his rivals.

He was also a fat target for Democrats. Remember Flynn’s breakout national moment last summer was when he joined the crowd at the Republican National Convention from the dais calling for Hillary Clinton to be jailed.

Chris Buskirk also detailed the real reasons for this establishment attack on Flynn in his piece about the deep state targeting of all things Trump:

The same people who brought us the failed wars for democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan, the implosion of Libya, the Syrian Civil War, the rise of ISIS, and the concomitant international refugee crisis want Flynn’s scalp so they can reassert some control,” writes Buskirk. “General Michael Flynn is a voice for change in American foreign policy—a change that the American people voted for when they elected Donald Trump. The campaign of half-baked allegations and innuendo is the latest battle in the Washington establishment’s insurgency against the President.

Yet another reason for Flynn’s political assassination was his plan to tear apart the Iran nuclear deal so beloved by the Obama administration. This plan led to a secret operation started by Obama operatives well before Trump’s inauguration to “handicap” the White House national security apparatus.

In a shocking piece by the Washington Free Beacon, sources revealed that Flynn’s resignation was the culmination of this months long operation.

The abrupt resignation Monday evening of White House national security adviser Michael Flynn is the culmination of a secret, months-long campaign by former Obama administration confidantes to handicap President Donald Trump’s national security apparatus and preserve the nuclear deal with Iran, according to multiple sources in and out of the White House who described to the Washington Free Beacon a behind-the-scenes effort by these officials to plant a series of damaging stories about Flynn in the national media.

The effort, said to include former Obama administration adviser Ben Rhodes—the architect of a separate White House effort to create what he described as a pro-Iran echo chamber—included a small task force of Obama loyalists who deluged media outlets with stories aimed at eroding Flynn’s credibility, multiple sources revealed.


However, multiple sources closely involved in the situation pointed to a larger, more secretive campaign aimed at discrediting Flynn and undermining the Trump White House.

“It’s undeniable that the campaign to discredit Flynn was well underway before Inauguration Day, with a very troublesome and politicized series of leaks designed to undermine him,” said one veteran national security adviser with close ties to the White House team. “This pattern reminds me of the lead up to the Iran deal, and probably features the same cast of characters.”

Of course the compliant establishment media was all too happy to help this operation and published a series of articles on information solely obtained from these anonymous intelligence operatives, not once caring about the fact that they were given information on supposedly secret government monitored communications of U.S. citizens.

This is truly unprecedented and once again directly shows that outlets like the Washington Post and the New York Times are actively working against the White House on every level.

The Bloomberg piece continued:

There is another component to this story as well — as Trump himself just tweeted. It’s very rare that reporters are ever told about government-monitored communications of U.S. citizens, let alone senior U.S. officials. The last story like this to hit Washington was in 2009 when Jeff Stein, then of CQ, reported on intercepted phone calls between a senior Aipac lobbyist and Jane Harman, who at the time was a Democratic member of Congress.

Normally intercepts of U.S. officials and citizens are some of the most tightly held government secrets. This is for good reason. Selectively disclosing details of private conversations monitored by the FBI or NSA gives the permanent state the power to destroy reputations from the cloak of anonymity. This is what police states do.

In the past it was considered scandalous for senior U.S. officials to even request the identities of U.S. officials incidentally monitored by the government (normally they are redacted from intelligence reports). John Bolton’s nomination to be U.S. ambassador to the United Nations was derailed in 2006 after the NSA confirmed he had made 10 such requests when he was Undersecretary of State for Arms Control in George W. Bush’s first term. The fact that the intercepts of Flynn’s conversations with Kislyak appear to have been widely distributed inside the government is a red flag.

In essence, Flynn was merely exercising due diligence as incoming National Security Adviser by communicating with a prominent foreign official. However, the politicized intelligence community and the breathless, hysterical anti-Trump press demanded Flynn’s head on the basis that he had violated the Logan Act, even though that contention is shaky at best.

This direct attack on American democracy is so shocking that even some liberal writers are warning about the dangers of supporting deep state actions like this as it is absolutely not the role of the intelligence community to target political branches of the government.

Writing for The Week, public Flynn critic Damon Linker warned of the dangers:

But no matter what Flynn did, it is simply not the role of the deep state to target a man working in one of the political branches of the government by dishing to reporters about information it has gathered clandestinely. It is the role of elected members of Congress to conduct public investigations of alleged wrongdoing by public officials.

What if Congress won’t act? What if both the Senate and the House of Representatives are held by the same party as the president and members of both chambers are reluctant to cross a newly elected head of the executive branch who enjoys overwhelming approval of his party’s voters? In such a situation — our situation — shouldn’t we hope the deep state will rise up to act responsibly to take down a member of the administration who may have broken the law?

The answer is an unequivocal no.

In a liberal democracy, how things happen is often as important as what happens. Procedures matter. So do rules and public accountability. The chaotic, dysfunctional Trump White House is placing the entire system under enormous strain. That’s bad. But the answer isn’t to counter it with equally irregular acts of sabotage — or with a disinformation campaign waged by nameless civil servants toiling away in the surveillance state.

While some rhino Republicans are sure to have been in on the operation, at least one in the House of Representatives sees this attack on Flynn for what it is.

Speaking to Lake in his Bloomberg piece, Representative Devin Nunes, the Republican chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence said, “There does appear to be a well orchestrated effort to attack Flynn and others in the administration.”

“From the leaking of phone calls between the president and foreign leaders to what appears to be high-level FISA Court information, to the leaking of American citizens being denied security clearances, it looks like a pattern.”

As noted above, this attack on Flynn was a culmination of a months long operation, one that we warned about over and over again, even noting Flynn’s importance to the White House due to what he actually brought to the table.

Two days before Flynn’s sudden resignation I warned in a piece for Intellihub News that the CIA was directly targeting the national security adviser while noting his outsider reputation and direct opposition to the globalist plan for the world.

“While CIA attacks on Trump as a whole are obviously important, this shocking new information is possibly the worst yet, especially when you consider who Flynn is and what he stands for within the Trump administration,” I noted.

“Flynn has a long history of directly targeting the so-called “new world order” and is now seeing the repercussions for his work attacking the globalist elite. Even more important, Flynn has shown a key willingness to listen to alternative media voices instead of simply pushing the establishment narrative on each and every issue.

Consider this. Michael Flynn’s son has even tried to expose PizzaGate and remains in contact with certain people in the alternative media which is something the CIA is obviously aware of.”

Now that this sick operation has ended in a victory for the deep state it is even more imperative that Americans read and spread real alternative news in a direct effort to stop the spread of intelligence community disinformation so eagerly pushed throughout the mockingbird media.

Alex Thomas is a reporter and editor for Intellihub News. He was a founding member of what later became and an integral part of the team that destroyed the mainstream media blockade on Bilderberg in 2012. You can contact him here.
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