Democrat Tax Per Mile Scheme Surfaces Again in Congress

By Kurt Nimmo | Infowars | December 5, 2013

If implemented, the federal gas tax will nearly double

(photo: Wikimedia Commons)
(photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Rep. Earl Blumenauer, an Oregon Democrat, is investigating a wealth confiscation system that “looks to the future and helps provide a more stable funding base for the next one hundred years.”

Blumenauer has introduced H.R. 3638, federal legislation that will establish a Road Usage Fee Pilot Program to study an automobile mileage-based fee scheme. The bill was introduced on December 3.

Once implemented, the plan would nearly double taxes on gasoline from 18.4 cents to 33.4 cents per gallon.

The Oregon congressman introduced a similar bill last December. H.R. 6662 was pushed as a jobs creation program.

“With the Highway Trust Fund facing a 21 percent reduction revenue by 2040, based on current driving patterns and projected increases in fuel economy, we need innovative solutions to close this gap,” Blumenauer told The Hill on December 14, 2012.

Fuel economy is a creation of the federal government. In the 1970s, ostensibly in response to “oil shocks” in the Middle East, Congress imposed something called Corporate Average Fuel Economy, known as CAFE, on automobile manufacturers.

The supposed oil crisis was a government creation. The shortage resulted in response to governmental price controls and provided another excuse for government to devise and impose a socialist solution to a situation the market would have balanced out under supply and demand.

The imbalance was also due to an embargo imposed by Arab oil-producing states for the lopsided foreign policy of the United States and its support of Israel in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

Blumenauer’s legislation represents a natural response by the state to previous fixes imposed by the state. Now that EPA mandated fuel economy standards have reduced the amount of oil used by Americans, the time has arrived for the government to figure out how to make up for an unacceptable loss of revenue.

Democrats are trying to sell their latest shakedown as an infrastructure and job-creation effort. Jimmy Carter’s socialist response to an artificial oil crisis in the 1970s was sold under the banner of ending American dependence on foreign oil.

Stealing more money from hard-pressed tax payers for highway development invariably results in deteriorating roads and infrastructure. The nonprofit transportation research group TRIP, using the latest available Federal Highway Administration data regarding all roads eligible for federal dollars, discovered that the more money government pours into highway projects, the higher the percentage of poor road and infrastructure conditions.

In August, the Tribune-Review reported that the analysis concluded that the percentage of pavement miles in poor condition in 2008, 20.7, actually rose to 21.4 in 2011 despite Obama’s

2009 “stimulus” of $27 billion allocated for work on roads.

“The more road-work money there is, the more money there is that’s likely to be wasted – and the greater the temptation is to direct those funds for political benefit, not to where they’re needed most,” the Pennsylvania website noted.



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