Denver cop disciplined after putting his knee and all his weight on a suspect’s neck for minutes

Cop laughs about the situation while explaining it to other cops

DENVER (INTELLIHUB) — Officer Chad Sinnema was suspended for four days last week for a violation of department regulations and rules after placing his knee, including most of his body weight, on a suspect’s neck who was already handcuffed face down in a planter on Aug. 22, 2014 when the incident took place.

While it’s true the suspect gave the officers a little resistance just before they slammed him to the ground, it’s clear that the use of unnecessary force by Sinnema was not justified and could have resulted in serious injury or even death to the suspect.

At one point during the arrest, when the officer in question finally took his knee off the suspects neck, the suspect struggled to speak telling the officer, “I’m trying to breathe, I’m just trying to live […] unless you want to put you foot back on my neck. I’m trying to breathe.”

Officer Sinnema then responded to the suspect, “Start acting like a man.”, as if the suspect should have to endure his torture.

A fellow officer then proceeded to describe the situation to other officers on scene explaining to them how “this fuck-nut” was claiming “police brutality” [laughing].

Video Source: policecrimecom/YouTube