Detroit Stargate: Hidden In Plain Sight?

By Shepard Ambellas | June 8, 2011

Is this Stargate in Hart Plaza functional or just a piece of art?

Heart Plaza - Detroit
Hart Plaza – Detroit

DETROIT (INTELLIHUB) — Symbolism seems to surround us on every front, from corporate logos across the globe to ancient Egyptian obelisks, masonic symbols, religious symbols and more, rest assured symbolism is found almost everywhere.

There truly is no better way to hide things than in plain sight, just look at the world’s currency, symbolism is all over it.

The T.V. series Stargate SG1 has become a popular show in recent times, and now with the SGU or Stargate Universe series by MGM, fans everywhere eat this type stuff up.

But what would you say are the chances of a Stargate being hidden in plain sight in a major metropolitan city in the United States?

A uncanny structure resembling a Stargate in Hart Plaza Park was erected in 2002. Why would such an item be assembled in plain site in Detroit? Does it have any functionality to it?