(INTELLIHUB) — Scientists are striving to read ‘brain recordings’ in present moment time in order to convert one’s thoughts-to-speech by transposing the individual’s brainwave patterns using an advanced device which then relays the data to a electronic speaker or computer screen.

Much like current text-to-speech programs that can be downloaded from the Internet to your PC or Mac, scientists at UC Berkley want to find a way to help people who can’t physically speak themselves, helping them to better connect with others, including loved ones.

Professor Robert Knight and his crew at UC Berkley are now trying to take the technology all the way, for the greater good of humanity.

The Daily Mail reported Knight’s intentions:

‘We want to develop an implantable device that decodes the signals that occur in the brain when we think about a word, then turn these signals into a sound file that can be reproduced by a speech device.’


Such a novel device would communicate people’s intended thoughts via an electronic speaker or writing device, but the team still has a lot more research to conduct.

However, the technology also enters a realm that would allow for it to be abused or even weaponized if it fell into the wrong hands. And although researchers at UC Berkley seem to think that they are on to something new, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but they are a day late and a buck short.

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That’s right, not only does this type of technology already exist, it has for decades and has been perfected. In fact this technology is currently being used by the NSA, not only to read the thoughts of Targeted Individuals but to alter them as well.

You see, U.S. Patent 3951134 A was filed in 1974 by Robert G. Malech and quite possibly is one of the most nefarious patients on earth as the technology contained therein can tap into the human soul so-to-speak.

XKeyscore reporting for Intellihub News & Politics wrote:

In the late mid- to late-1960’s, Robert G. Malech’s Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves eclipsed the “breakthrough” technology that the Telegraph is trumpeting about today.

In actuality, specific training of the target is not needed to read his/her brainwave signatures, nor to modify the behavior of the target. Implants such as electrodes or the subsequently-developed, ingestible stentrobes are not needed and they haven’t been needed for nearly fifty years.

Malech’s patent entered the public domain in the mid-1970’s, which implies that the U.S. military and government were already working on this technology in the 50’s and 60’s.

Again, this technology is nothing new and is now in fact so advanced that it is generations beyond what UC Berkley is dabbling with publicly, which is yet again just another example of how we have been lied to by our very own government.

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