DHS: Prepare For Terror Attacks With Body Cavity Bombs


The Intellihub
Shepard Ambellas
July 6, 2011

As if the war on terror is not ridiculous enough, considering the fact that a persons chance of being in a terror attack are slimmer than getting hit by a bolt of lightning, DHS is now once again ramping up the fear.

The new threat? Al-CIA-Duh body cavity or belly bombs, what a creative invention.

The media is announcing that the Department Of Homeland Security does not know where the threat might come from, but that there are plans in the works for the use of such a devise and America and European countries could be a target.

Additional security screening measures at the airports will be  necessary, as if the screening procedures are not invasive enough.

From naked body scanners to the act of submission (by taking your shoes and belt off) at TSA checkpoints around the country, the Nazi tactics used by DHS are getting even more bold and fresh.

What is next, ovens?

The ABC noes report states;

A bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security warned, “DHS has identified a potential threat from terrorists who may surgically implant explosives or explosive components in humans to conduct terrorist attacks.”…. U.S. officials told ABC News the “belly bomb” is the invention of Ibrahim Asiri, a young Saudi native who packed explosives into the rectal cavity of his 23-year old brother Abdullah for a suicide missions targeting the head of Saudi intelligence, Prince bin Nayef.

That bomb exploded prematurely, the officials said, and the only casualty was Asiri’s brother. Asiri is also credited with two other failed plots involving the bomb hidden in the underwear of a passenger on a Detroit-bound flight, and the bombs hidden in printers being shipped from Yemen to Chicago.

Just another way to get the Sheeple Of America to submit to total tyranny, just in time for 7/7, a reference to the London July 7th staged attacks in which one in four Muslims agree the attacks were staged.

Another report from the Mirror reads;

Airports are on high alert for al-Qaeda terrorists plotting to blow up jets using “body bombs” surgically inserted in them.

Attempts are being made to implant explosives into the abdomens, buttocks and breasts of suicide bombers so they can pass undetected through new airport body scanners.

The way that DHS has set  up, anybody could be a terrorist.

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