DHS releases new ‘mobile terror spying app’

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General Public encouraged to spy on everyone through new spying app

(INTELLIHUB) — According to N3’s Gary Franchi, the Department of Homeland Security has just released a new mobile terror spying app.

Tailored toward smartphones and pads the “See Something Send Something” app has been “around since 2008”, said Franchi.

“The Homeland Security spying app is currently being used in Colorado, Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.”

Information collected and entered into the user’s smartphone via the See Something Send Something app will be sent directly to the closest fusion center.

Franchi also reported the app is produced by a “FBI/DHS front company” named “My Mobile Witness” (MMW) which Franchi says even employs a former FBI manager, “Ronald Knight” who appears to be “MMW’s law enforcement adviser.”

Ladies and gentlemen the police state is here.

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