DHS wants UAVs for domestic surveillance, disasters, man-made or natural

By Shepard Ambellas

Soon there will be nowhere to hide, drones set to monitor everything

(Photo: DHS)
(Photo: DHS)

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (INTELLIHUB) — The state’s Homeland Security director, John Hill, said that domestic surveillance drones should be deployed during any man-made or natural disaster, giving authorities key info they may need during times of crisis.

On Thursday, Hill spoke at an expo at a local airfield detailing the coordination of local and state assets, bringing military and civilian organizations even closer, reports say. In fact, there was even talk about how UAVs may even be able to provide mortuary services for the dead in some cases. However, all of this is pending FAA approval.

Howard Greninger reporting for TribStar.com wrote:

The biggest obstacle to using unmanned systems in a domestic response, Hill said in his introduction, is regulations that have not yet been established by the Federal Aviation Administration, Hill said.

Hill said he hopes the FAA will grant controlled operating areas, or COA, for unmanned flights in disasters. “Then the FAA would set up an area to alert pilots to avoid that area while they are doing their surveillance,” Hill said.

Hill said unmanned systems can also work on the ground, pointing to systems the state obtained in 2005 through homeland security grants to deal with explosive ordnance devices.

Unmanned systems can help fighters battle wildfires, providing escape routes, and can help law enforcement, such as in hostage situations.

However, some say that this is just a ploy to get more drones in the air to monitor the domestic populace.

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