Did the wounded Mandalay Bay security guard witness other suspect or suspects make their escape from the 32nd-floor?


Intellihub’s editor-in-chief says that there is more to the story then authorities are revealing and that there may be more suspects on the loose

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — Security guards from the private local firm “On Scene Investigations & Security” were found to be securing Mandalay Bay shooting victim Jesus Campos’s house around the clock after Campos likely caught a glimpse of an additional suspect or suspects making their escape from the 32nd-floor, according to an analysis done by Intellihub editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas.

Ambellas believes that it’s ‘safe to say’ that there is more to the story than ‘meets the eye.’ After all, if the lone gunman Stephen Paddock is dead, what would Campos or those paying for Campos’s security have to fear.

On Thursday, investigative reporter Laura Loomer went to Campos’s residence where she asked a red shirt-wearing security guard who was assigned to Campos pointed questions. Loomer didn’t get much out of the guard but he did say that his firm specializes in “high profile protection” which would only mean one thing — that someone or some group knows that Campos saw something on the night of Oct. 1 that he that he shouldn’t have.

Wargaming the scenario, we can assume that one or several suspects may have fled Paddock’s room and may have fired a warning shot at Campos which struck him in the upper thigh wounding him before they made it into the service elevator for there escape.

Such a scenario also seems plausible as the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department recently Changed their timeline and admitted that several “single shots” were fired down the hallway at Campos before Paddock allegedly fired a purported 200 round volley down the hall. However, Ambellas says it’s ‘unlikely that 200 rounds were fired down the hall’ as pictures of the hall released by the media fail to show any significant damage in that hallway. Furthermore, it has been reported that MGM Management is disputing the new LVMPD narrative which claims that Campos was shot at 9:59 p.m., 6 minutes before Paddock purportedly started to fire fully-automatic gunfire into the crowd attending the Route 91 Music Festival. MGM Management is now saying that they believe Campos called in ‘shots fired’ while the shooting was taking place or within the 40-seconds prior.

Additionally, it is important to point out that the name “Jesus Campos” is not registered by the State of Nevada as a ‘private investigator’ as required by law. According to Ambellas, this adds an element of suspicion which suggests that either Campos never worked for MGM Management as a security guard period or that he goes by an entirely different name which is being masked by law enforcement as Campos is likely a key eyewitness to an additional suspect or several additional suspects involved in the gruesome massacre.

Although “Jesus Campos” is not listed by the State of Nevada, a man by the name of “Albert J. Campos” holds an “active” license with the number “R-012236.”

Campos, who was scheduled to appear on Fox News Thursday night with Sean Hannity canceled abruptly and is now nowhere to be found. Nobody is reporting his whereabouts.

On Thursday night, Stephanie Wash tweeted: “Media scrum tonight as we learn security officer shot in Vegas attack, Jesus Campos’ whereabouts are unknown.”

Investigative reporter Laura Loomer made a second visit to Campos’s home on Thursday where she discovered Campos had gone missing.

Loomer told Got News: “A female family member of Campos answered the door and the clearly said ‘I can’t talk about this, I was told not to talk about this.’ What I want to know is: who is preventing the family from talking? We have confirmation right now that there is a gag order on the family of Jesus Campos. If Jesus Campos is truly a hero, there is no reason he or his family wouldn’t be allowed to talk about what he saw and what he did.”

So why was Paddock wearing gloves?

Stephen Paddock’s dead body was pictured in leaked crime scene photos wearing gloves. This is an extremely important detail to note because you have to wonder why Paddock would be wearing gloves if he left a credit card with his girlfriend’s name on it laying on the table and committed the crime from a room he rented in his name. So, at that point, why would Paddock want to hide his fingerprints?

The same batch of leaked photos also reveals that shell casings from a .223 caliber rifle fell atop blood which had already emerged from underneath Paddock’s head signifying that a weapon had been fired after Paddock’s death, meaning that Paddock likely did not take his own life as the Las Vegas Metro Police Department reported.

paddock dead
Leaked crime scene photo reveals that the alleged shooter Stephen Paddock was wearing gloves at the time of his death. (Public Domain)

Did Paddock take his own life?

The entire shooting timeline with previously unheard police audio can be found below:

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