Disgusting liberal media reporters literally mock people praying for San Bernardino after horrific massacre

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Reporters show their contempt for Christians

alexBy Alex Thomas | Email Author
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Update: Not wanting to be left out of the attack on Christians, the NY Daily News ran a front page story this morning that also mocked GOP Presidential Candidates and others in power for mentioning prayers instead of instantly pushing for gun control.

This is the liberal media in all its ugliness. They want to disarm law-abiding citizens so bad that they are willing to INSTANTLY politicize any tragedy and now apparently consider attacking people praying fair game.

At times like this one has to wonder how far Obama and his elitist media allies are willing to go in order to achieve their agenda of 100% gun confiscation in America.


(INTELLIHUB) — As events unfolded in California after the horrific mass shooting that killed at least 14 people, concerned citizens across the country sent out their condolences and prayers to the victims and their families.

This completely normal attempt at showing compassion for the victims when one can really do nothing else but watch the wall to wall coverage on their TV screens was actually seen as a bad thing by members of the elite liberal media who took it upon themselves to attack and mock anyone who said anything about “thoughts and prayers” on social media.

This disgusting display by actual members of so-called news organizations like Vox, Think Progress, and the Daily Kos is a stark reminder of the actual beliefs held by those in the liberal media.


BreitBarts John Nolte put it best:

As good people on social media watched unspeakable events unfurl in San Bernardino, California, on their television sets, all one could do in a situation where you can really do nothing is pray and offer those prayers to the world.

Naturally, elite members of our media will use any opportunity to mock the Faithful. Even 14 still-warm dead bodies won’t stop them from attacking those who offer a heartfelt “thoughts and prayers” sentiment.

Remember, these aren’t tweets from random hard left brainwashed idiots. These are coming from people actually employed by news organizations.

There you have it folks. 14 dead and all they can do is push gun control and mock Christians.

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