Staged DNC data breach? How far will the Clinton Campaign go to topple Sanders?


New Intellihub poll shows Sanders with 8% lead above Clinton

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MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (INTELLIHUB) — It’s no secret, it’s been all over the press, that 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders fired one of his staffers who “irresponsibly accessed” Clinton Campaign data through the DNC’s network after the Clinton Campaign claimed their data had been “stolen.” Additionally it’s no secret that the Sanders Campaign also filed suit against the DNC after they restricted the camp’s access to their own data–but there may be more to the story, a lot more.

In his defense Sanders stood his ground during Saturday’s debate.

“Let me give you a little bit of background here,” Sanders said.

“The DNC has hired vendors. On two occasion there were breaches in information. Two months ago our staffers found information on their computers and our staff said whoa, what’s going on here. They went to the DNC, quietly; they went to the vendor and said hey something is wrong. And that was quietly dealt with; none of that information was looked at. Our staff at that point did exactly the right thing. A few days ago a similar incident happened, there was a breach because the DNC vendor screwed up.”

You see this is all very interesting to me as it literally demonstrates how wicked the establishment actually is and just how far they will go to stay in power.

Don’t you find it disturbing that the DNC controls the database that all of their candidates info is stored in and accessed from?

Do you also find it strange that a “vendor” can mistakenly place data and, or, remove data from various campaigns associated under the DNC blanket?

Do you also find it odd that the Clinton Campaign went straight to the press to report their data had been “stolen” rather than deal with the breach in a quit manner as the Sanders Campaign previously did several months back?

This all begs the question: Could the whore of Babylon, Hillary Clinton, and her puppet masters, the ones pulling the strings behind the DNC curtain truly be that diabolic?

The answer is yes. Absolutely.

While Sanders admitted his staffer “did the wrong thing” with the most recent breach and by looking “at that information,” he also said the campaign “did the right thing and fired that person.”

Than when Sanders made mention of an “independent internal investigation to see who else was involved,” Hillary took a deep breath, was taken aback, and looked nervous.

Sanders than further pointed out how the DNC “crippled” his campaign which he said was an “egregious act.”

While I don’t support Sanders I tend to agree with his statement on the issue which has opened my eyes even wider. Especially after a new Intellihub poll shows Sanders as the leading Democratic front-runner with an 8% lead over and above Clinton, the establishment pick.

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Ladies and gentlemen this is where it gets strange. You see when we look at the non-establishment controlled Intellihub poll we can clearly see that the general public offers no support for Clinton and that Sanders somehow has quite the organic, grassroots, reach on the Dem side as Trump does on the GOP side which scares the establishment. In fact the establishment is so scared that they may actually attempt to create another Pearl Harbor, 9/11, style event to suspend the 2016 general elections as they fear the baton will be passed to the people for the first time since John F. Kennedy’s presidency.

Moreover Sanders said the investigation would get into “all of the breaches that have occurred from day one” and that he’s not to sure that information from his campaign didn’t end up in the hands of other campaigns. Again these threat further intimidated Hillary and again you could see the look of fear fill her face almost as if she had been caught.

Sanders soon after apologized to Clinton for his staffers actions in a gentlemanly-like manner, garnering applause from the crowd.

“I very much appreciate that comment Bernie and it is very important that we go forward on this. I know that you now have your data back and there has been an agreement,” Clinton said.

“Now that I think we resolved you data and we’ve agreed on an independent inquiry we should move on, because I don’t think that the American people are all that interested in this.”

And with that statement Hillary Clinton just passed the buck and dogged another proverbial bullet.

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