Dr. Richard Urso M.D. appeared on The Shepard Ambellas Show on Thursday where he talked about the COVID-19 vaccine and explained how in his opinion messenger RNA in the vaccine can become transcribed into the recipient’s DNA thus altering it.

The Houston-based ophthalmologist explained to Shep during the broadcast that the vaccine’s messenger RNA goes into the body and can “accidentally” or “on purpose… can get transcribed into your own DNA.”

Shockingly, Dr. Urso admits that if ‘Doctor Evil’ was running the vaccination program people would likely end up with “chronic COVID your whole life.”

‘This is real Doctor Evil stuff,’ he said.

You can listen to Dr. Richard Urso’s appearance on The Shepard Ambellas Show starting at 1 hour 26 minutes into the broadcast.

Source: The Shepard Ambellas Show #78: Dr. Richard Urso M.D. on COVID and the Vaccine