Doctor and others more concerned about caring for Ebola infected Africans, rather than the safety of all Americans

A pissing match has ensued, who’s right?

By Shepard Ambellas |
(Photo Credit: Max Slowik/Flickr)
(Photo Credit: Max Slowik/Flickr)

While it has already been reported that the staff at New York’s Bellevue Hospital are having trouble keeping up with just one Ebola patient, media outlets, doctors and others pushing the establishment’s narrative see no need to quarantine doctors returning to the U.S., even if they have had direct contact with Ebola patients.

Dr. Rick Sacra, an Ebola survivor said during a recent interview on CNN, “First of all let’s keep our eye on thousands of people in West-Africa dying of Ebola and they need our help. […] There is other ways to do this other than a no stepping out your front door quarantine. We can do active monitoring. If we don’t trust, if we don’t want to rely on self monitoring, we can do active monitoring, where the health department actually calls people up an actually check their temperature or even comes to visit them at preappointed times.” The doctor went on to conclude “that this is not a way to facilitate our helping of West-Africa”. But why are we so concerned with helping West-Africa if the U.S. is at risk?

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Unfortunately, and I don’t care what anyone says, the doctor and others, even the Obama Administration, seem to be more concerned with the outbreak in West-Africa than the well-being of our citizenry here in the homeland. In fact, it even appears as if the White House is begging for an outbreak here in the U.S. as pretty much every Ebola containment protocol imaginable has been botched in some way, starting with the containment efforts in Dallas when Thomas Duncan fell ill. I mean seriously, what is going on here?

To make matters worse, Jim Yong, President of the World Bank, just stated that at least 5000 more health care workers are need to fight the epidemic in West-Africa, causing yet even more political tension back here in America. Dovetailing with Yong’s statements, “the U.N. says more support is needed. The U.N.’s target is to have 70 percent of Ebola cases getting access to a treatment center and to achieve a similar percentage for safe Ebola burials.

“They are extremely ambitious (goals), given the geographical spread of the disease, the numbers of people infected, the very poor information on exactly where those infected are and what the transmission patterns are,” Banbury said. “The three things we need the most are people, supplies and money. The most critical right now are people, health workers in particular, trained health care workers . but also people who can manage these Ebola treatment facilities.”, as reported by the Associated Press.

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And get this — the Obama Admin is now considering bringing Ebola patients from West-Africa back to the U.S. for treatment, despite the fact that our medical facilities are having trouble taking care of only one patient. Imagine what the scene would look like with 10 or more patients.


So my question is: Do we risk the safety of all Americans by sending all of our skilled health workers, thousands of them, to West-Africa, costing us billions in aid money that we may need to allocate here in America in the near future?

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