Documenting the New Northern Sunrise: A Special Report


The Intellihub
Shepard Ambellas
June 12, 2011

And the saga continues — we are now documenting how there is a possibility that the earth has been shifting/changing drastically (physically and magnetically) as seen in my previous article and various videos posted worldwide on June 11, 2011.

On June 12th I documented even yet another change when the sun rose to the same 20 degree position in elevation off the horizon about 25 degrees to the south of June 11th’s position.

It also rose a 1/2 hour later at 6:15 am PST instead of 5:45 am PST as seen on the previous day of June 11th.

Today after reviewing the results of a few experiments, demonstrations, videos, and data, we attempted to assemble a team and scientifically document the earth, moon, and suns positions daily. 10% Off(Ad)

Cross referencing it with actual data and videos worldwide, I am left with my head spinning in a whirl — the new findings are startling to say the least.

I shot the following video this morning at 5:56 am PST:

I have also documented the position of my home on Google Earth, and almost threw up when i looked at the results; a massive deviation in the Google GPS data.

The satellite photo below, which was captured today via Google earth, shows a view of my property.

This photo in conjunction with above posted video should contain enough information for a person draw their own conclusions on this subject.

Take note of the Google GPS north position compared to my compass readings and the direction the house is facing(verified by two separate compasses).

Image: Google Earth

From the data provided in my video compared to the Google data and my house position the sun technically (according to data) rose about 5 degrees off of due north.

Is the a massive governmental cover up for an ongoing or approaching event? Are solar flare saffecting the GPS systems?

Why are we seeing deviations in data and physical deviations as well?

Here is today’s data referring to the sun rise compared to where I witnessed the sun at 5:56 am PST;

Image Via:

Now when we compare the Google data based on the position of my house and compass readings and integrate the data into the diagram the sun would have actually been located in the following position at 5:56 am PST on June 12, 2011;

Image Via:

Here is where it gets interesting…

NASA’s Headquarters For Emergency Operations Administrator Charles Bolden released a video Why It Is Important That We Know Our Stuff And Be Prepared almost as a cryptic message for an event that is to come.

In the video Bolden states the following;

“So what I am asking all of you in the NASA family, whether you are on the west coast, on the east coast, along the gulf coast, or Great Lakes, think about the natural disasters that could occur in your area”

Why would they be so worried about only the coastal areas and areas around the Great Lakes?

We are requesting that all intel on this subject be sent to so we can disseminate what is transpiring and report on the anomaly over the coming weeks as this develops.

Note: While I am open to the possibility of earth changes and NASA conspiracies being a psy op to distract the American people, the overwhelming amount of evidence to the contrary can, in my opinion, no longer be ignored.

The Intellihub has a long history of reporting accurate news and will not be bullied into not covering certain issues.

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