(INTELLIHUB) — “Unless I win, I can’t make America great again,” GOP presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Tuesday in an exclusive interview conducted at Trump Tower.

Trump’s interview was the first with Kelly in 9 months, after the two were feuding over questions Kelly asked at a Fox News Presidential debate in distaste.

Trump told Kelly that the bottom line is that he has “millions of followers” on Twitter and that the “retweets” sometime get him in trouble as Kelly knows all too well.

Kelly then asked Trump is he may have went too far with some of his comments, like the one about “Carly Fiorina’s face.”

Trump said “I guess” I regret those comments.

“You make a mistake and you go forward and you can correct a mistake. But to look back and say, jee-wiz I wish I could do this or that , I don’t think that’s good and in a certain way I don’t even think that’s healthy.”

During the interview Kelly was subtle, but still pulled no punches and even asked Trump about his two divorces.


“When I’m wounded I go after people hard,” Trump told Kelly.

Trump admitted that Kelly’s question during the debate bothered him and he didn’t like it, but also admitted that Kelly may have done him a “favor” by asking it and said if he “could get through that he could get through everything.”

Although Trump told Kelly he could have used different language regarding his comments and toned it down a bit, he said it just wouldn’t feel right because he is only responding as a ‘real person.’

“It’s true, they are listening to you and they are taking their cue from you,” Kelly told agreed.

Trump and Kelly went on to talk about Mr. Trump’s nighttime tweeting habits, which Trump confirmed.

Trump also said if he doesn’t win the Presidency that he “will consider it a total waste of time and money.”

Trump also said since his Presidential bid he has watched a whole lot less baseball and a whole lot more news.

Megyn Kelly has a new book coming out called “Settle For More” which “hits stores November 15th.”

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