Douglas Haig charged with ‘manufacturing armor-piercing bullets without a license’

It appears that there may be more to Douglas Haig’s relationship with Stephen Paddock than meets the eye after the aerospace engineer was charged with manufacturing armor-piercing bullets

MESA (INTELLIHUB) — Aerospace engineer and Arizona resident Douglas C. Haig was charged in a federal court Friday with ‘manufacturing armor-piercing ammunition without a license’ after his fingerprints were found on unfired bullets which investigators recovered from Stephen Paddock’s 32nd-floor Mandalay Bay hotel suite after the 1 October massacre.

Authorities conducted a search of Haig’s home following the massacre after the discovered a box in Paddock’s room with Haig’s name on it. Later Haig’s fingerprints were found on two spent armor-piercing bullet casings in Paddock’s room.

Haig held a press conference Friday where he and his attorney claimed Haig had not broken any laws in regards to his deal with Paddock.

According to the complaint, Haig had an associate who was also interviewed by the FBI about armor-piercing ammunition which associate had previously reloaded and purchased with Haig.

Moreover, the associate told the FBI that Haig had sold him 5000 rounds of the AP ammo for $20 at a gun show because Haig feared being arrested with it upon his exit.

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The criminal complaint against Haig can be found here.

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