Over a dozen intercept cell phone towers found near the White House and Senate

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It was early September when reports of fake cell phone towers across America started picking up steam in the alternative press. Les Goldsmith, the CEO of the defense & law enforcement technology provider ESD America, told the press that he was able to map out 17 different fake cell phone towers across the United States using ESD’s CryptoPhone 500. Goldsmith dubbed these towers as “interceptors” as they have the ability to bypass a mobile device’s encryption to either listen in on calls or capture texts.

On Thursday, Les Goldsmith told technology website Venture Beat that over a dozen of these intercept towers have ben found near the Senate and White House.

VB reports:

In the course of doing its business in selling and maintaining its Cryptophone 500 phones — secure mobile phones for clients who need and can afford military-grade security — ESD America said it has randomly discovered the existence of at least 18 interceptor cells in the D.C. area. Fifteen are in downtown Washington, including several very near the Senate and the White House, plus another three in northern Virginia.
Goldsmith said the discoveries were made after traveling only through “a very small portion of the city” over a day and a half.
Two kinds of interceptors are being identified: IMSI Catchers, which can steal subscriber info for later monitoring, and GSM Interceptors, which can listen into calls. Goldsmith said a complete interceptor includes both capabilities.

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