Driver calls 911 on cops during traffic stop so they arrest him

By John Vibes | Free Thought Project

A Florida man was recently arrested in Collier County, after he called 911 on a police officer during a traffic stop.  29-year-old Judes Exantus of Immokalee, Florida was pulled over for allegedly running a stop sign.  However, Judes says that he made a full stop at the stop sign, and that the officer had no reason to pull him over.

To make matters worse, the officer seemed to be stalling in allowing the man to leave, making him stay on the side of the road while he sat in his police car for an undisclosed amount of time.  According to the officer, the delay was the result of a technical malfunction with the machine that was needed to create the ticket, but he never made Judes aware of this during the stop, he left the man to sit in his car with no explanation.

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