Driver taken into custody after killing 1, injuring 19, at ‘Unite the Right’ rally

Racial tensions may have lead to the death of one person at a Virginia 'fringe group' rally Saturday

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (INTELLIHUB) — Police have not yet released the name of a driver who drove a vehicle into a crowd of counter protesters near the ‘Unite the Right’ rally Saturday morning killing one person and injuring 19 others.

Saturday evening the City of Charlottesville tweeted the following update from their official Twitter account: “1 deceased, 19 injured in crash at 4th and Water streets. Fifteen other injuries reported related to rally downtown .”

CNN reports:

“Video of the incident shows a gray Dodge Challenger driving quickly down a narrow side street lined with walking protesters. The sports car rams into the back of a silver convertible, which hits the van in front of it. Soon the Dodge driver slams the car in reverse, going back up the street at a high rate of speed, dragging its front bumper. Several people chase the car. As the sports car retreats, a red and white athletic shoe falls off the bumper.”

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