(INTELLIHUB) — Every time there is an announcement regarding “new” technology is supposed to be utilized for “protecting America” and “increasing national security,” I always wonder how long it will take to be turned against the population. In another article on IntelliHub, I discussed how Non-lethal Weapons, in this case “Poppers”, supposedly developed to implement against foreign threats, have been deployed in the U.S. for more than a decade.

Surveillance is already intrusive enough: smart meters which monitor our activities at home, street lights which detect gun-fire but also have voice-transmission capability, televisions which upload all of your conversations to the cloud, easy-to-deploy webcam high-jacking software, StingRay devices to hijack ones cell-signals and unknown nano-technology that we haven’t even heard about yet.

According to a March 8th Washington Post article titled “Veil of secrecy lifted on Pentagon office planning ‘Avatar’ fighters and drone swarms,” we learn that the Pentagon-based Strategic Capabilities Office (SCO) “…. has been testing micro-drones that can be dropped from moving fighter jets for nearly two years.” Since 2014? Sure.

Let’s translate the Pentagonese. IMHO that means that these miniature drones which have swarming capability, much like bees, have probably been in operation for at least two decades. And that is a pretty conservative estimate.

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