Drought sweeps the U.S. — At least 12 communities in Texas to run out of water in less than 45 days, reports say


Weather patterns have hit with severity in recent months

By Shepard Ambellas

BANDERA, Texas (INTELLIHUB) — Dozens of communities around the county are set to run completely out of water in less than 45 days as a major drought has swept the land, reports say.

People are now spending tens of thousands of dollars to drill new wells in hopes to find water.

In fact a local outfit out of Texas, KHOU reported:

“We have sort of taken water for granted for a long time. And I think that time is over. I think its valuation has gone up. Some communities are in more trouble than others,” said St. Mary’s University water law professor Amy Hardberger.

And as San Antonio and other large water-users grow in population — and go shopping for more water resources — they’re dealing with smaller communities which are becoming more protective of their water rights.

Experts say this is the trend, even should the skies do open up.

Reports also say that a grant to the county has just went through which will allow the drilling of a new county well, but people in the area are unsure if the project will be completed in time.

While the conditions in Bandera County are catastrophic, the total damage pales in comparison to California’s current wildfire problems and severe drought conditions, leaving a window open for total pandemonium on the streets in major cities throughout the region.

CNN gives some insight into the situation taking place in California in an article titled ‘Unprecedented’ wildfires in California; first arson charge filed:

Mike Mohler, a spokesman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, said he was “cautiously optimistic” the day would see major gains in bringing the blazes under control.

Firefighters, aided by civilian and military aircraft, had largely contained a few of the fires, but officials said that the 1,200-acre San Marcos/Cocos fire remained “very active” and that two other fires near Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton were largely uncontained.

The Las Pulgas fire plaguing the sprawling military base had grown to 8,000 acres and was 5% contained, the base said in a statement on Facebook. Some areas of the base had been ordered to evacuate.

Are the end times upon us? Please comment.

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