Earth’s magnetic field weakening, splitting in two

The South Atlantic Anomaly extends from Africa across the Atlantic Ocean into Central America revealing a decrease in magnetic intensity


(INTELLIHUB) — An anomaly in the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening and scientists are worried the magnetosphere could split in two drastically affecting all life on the planet.

It’s been dubbed the South Atlantic Anomaly and has even been responsible for causing the technical malfunctions of satellites and spacecraft.

The anomaly was first discovered in South America by scientists in the early 80s and has since spread east across Atlantic to Africa where scientists fear a split of the Earth’s magnetic field may be starting to occur.


According to a report out of RT: “…the initial South Atlantic Anomaly has grown and moved westward at a pace of roughly 20km (12 miles) per year and scientists are yet to fully determine the cause, which makes the fact that it now appears to be splitting in two all the more intriguing.”

Additionally, it’s important to point out that the anomaly has even affected gravity in South America.

A scientific study conducted by AGU Advancing Earth and Space Science titled Regional magnetic and gravity anomalies of South America reveals that gravity is weakening in the region.

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The abstract from the study published in April of 1982 reads:

Preliminary satellite scalar magnetic anomaly data (MAGSAT) reduced to vertical polarization and long‐wavelength‐pass filtered free‐air gravity anomaly data of South and Central America are compared to major tectonic features. A number of correlations are observed, but these must be generalized because of the preliminary nature of the geophysical data and the inherent petrophysical variations within tectonic features. Statistical analysis of the magnetic data reveals that South and Central America are more magnetic and magnetically more variable than adjacent marine areas. More obvious correlations exist between magnetic anomalies and tectonic elements of the continents than in the case of oceanic areas. No obvious correlations occur between the tectonic features of the Atlantic Ocean, including the Mid‐Atlantic Ridge, and magnetic anomalies. The continental shields generally are more magnetic than adjacent basins, oceans and orogenic belts. In contrast, the major aulacogens are characterized by negative magnetic anomalies. Positive free‐air gravity anomalies are related to the Andean Foldbelt, but the relationship of this feature to magnetic anomalies is much less obvious. However, along the west coast of South America, the magnetic anomalies of the Pacific Ocean are separated from those of the eastern platforms by north to northwest trending anomalies. South of the equator along the Foldbelt, gravity maxima are related to magnetic minima, a relationship analogous to the situation observed in the Rocky Mountain Cordillera. North of the equator in Columbia, gravity and magnetic maxima roughly correlate along the Foldbelt.

The question is: what is causing this and all of the unusual weather lately? Could a massive celestial object such as a brown dwarf star or a highly dense imploded star, a.k.a. a black star, be responsible for what’s happening?

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