Ebola nightmare scenario unfolds: Infected nurse takes commercial flight with 132 passengers; plane makes 5 more flights

By Mike Adams | Natural News

A nightmare scenario for Ebola just unfolded today in the United States as a second nurse was confirmed to have traveled on a commercial flight while infected with Ebola. During the flight, the nurse was running a fever, and no one knows whether she might have infected other passengers.

Here’s what we know so far:

• Flight 1143 flew from Cleveland to Dallas-Fort Worth on an Airbus A320, carrying 132 passengers.

• All 132 passengers may have been exposed to Ebola from the infected nurse who was symptomatic at the time of the flight.

• The CDC does not yet know who the 132 passengers are.

• The name of the infected nurse is reported to be Amber Joy Vinson.

• After the flight to DFW, the plane made additional flights to Ft. Lauderdale, Cleveland, Atlanta and then back to Cleveland.

• We know with 100% certainty that Ebola can spread via contaminated surfaces. There is no way to know what surfaces, if any, might have been contaminated on the aircraft, but a reasonable person might immediately suspect the seat-back tray and armrests of the seat where this nurse was located. Aircraft lavatories might have also been contaminated. The passenger’s luggage could have been contaminated and theoretically spread the virus to airline baggage handlers. Flight attendants who interacted with the passenger may have also potentially become infected.

• The CDC says the risk of other people being infected by Amber Vinson is “very low.” This is the same CDC, of course, which said that the risk of Ebola coming to America was also very low, and that the risk of Ebola spreading in “first-world hospitals” in America was also very low. At this point, it is impossible for any reasonable person to interpret CDC assurances as anything other than cruel jokes.

• The aircraft was “thoroughly cleaned” on Monday evening, after having completed five additional flights.

• The CDC is already behind the curve, attempting to determine the identities of all the passengers on the United Airlines flight that transported “patient zero” Thomas Duncan to the DFW airport.

• Airline stocks plunged Wednesday in anticipation of a collapse of public trust in air travel, which is precisely the scenario I publicly predicted weeks ago in Episode 13 of Pandemic Preparedness, entitled How an Ebola outbreak could devastate the U.S. economy.

• While visiting Cleveland, Vinson visited relatives, and those relatives work at Kent State University.

• We now know from the W.H.O. that the actual incubation period for the Ebola virus is not the 21 days we’ve all been told, but twice as long — 42 days! This means all those passengers who were on flight 1143 must now be monitored for the next six weeks. Question: Will they be allowed to fly, too?

• “The CDC announced that Vinson will be transported to Emory Hospital in Atlanta for further treatment,” reports CBS News. [3] Clearly, the CDC now realizes that the Dallas hospital which treated Duncan is incapable of containing Ebola.

• There are only four hospitals in the entire country which have level-4 bio-containment facilities. The number of beds spanning all four of those hospitals is believed to be fewer than two dozen.

Why are the medical staffers who treated Thomas Duncan taking commercial flights in the first place?

With each passing day, I am more and more convinced that this Ebola spread is being deliberately allowed to spread. The outrageous failures of medical authorities to treat this outbreak with proper precaution can’t possibly be accidental… unless they’re so incompetent that we’re probably doomed anyway.

Consider just the simple questions: By what extraordinary lapse in judgment are the medical staffers who treated Thomas Duncan allowed to fly on commercial airliners long before the 21-day observation window has expired? Why was the Ebola medical training in the Dallas hospital an “optional seminar” for medical staff? Why are nurses being outfitted with BSL-3 gear to treat BSL-4 patients? (You don’t enter a Marburg virus lab wearing a 99-cent paper mask…)

We are all witnessing a crossing of the threshold of containment right now. The inexcusable, disastrous failures of the medical system to practice even fundamental viral containment procedures could very well lead to an outbreak that devastates both the U.S. economy and the U.S. population.

While the world is playing Viral Roulette with a dangerous specimen that could destroy us all, our medical system is carelessly frolicking around as if this were only a case of the heebie jeebies. Just how loudly do people like myself — who totally predicted all this in advance as you can see on www.BioDefense.com — have to scream for people to wake up and get this?

Michael Savage has publicly called for the arrest of Thomas Frieden. Clearly, if Frieden stays at the helm of the CDC and stays in charge of this horribly disastrous response to a level-4 biohazard outbreak in America, we may all very be utterly doomed. Personally, I’m not calling for Frieden’s arrest, but I am calling for the CDC to start telling the truth and stop lying to the American public.

Bottom line: Prepare to survive a minimum 6-week isolation order in your own home. Learn how with the free MP3 audio files at www.BioDefense.com

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This article originally appeared on Natural News.