Ebola patient in Dallas dies at age 42

Hospital under scrutiny for mishandling Ebola case

(Photo Source: Facebook)
(Photo Source: Facebook)
By Staff Writer | Intellihub.com

DALLAS — According to reports, Thomas Duncan, 42, died at 7:51 a.m. while being treated at a Texas hospital accused of mishandling and overlooking important details key in treating Ebola patients.

Duncan was on the experimental drug brincidofovir since Monday.

“Mr. Duncan went to the airport in Liberia on Sept. 19 for his flight to the United States, landed in Dallas the next day and first went to the emergency room at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital feeling ill on Sept. 25. He was released by the hospital, which had failed to view him as a potential Ebola case for reasons that remain unclear. He returned there and was admitted Sept. 28 after his condition worsened.”, wrote Manny Fernandez for the New York Times.

Duncan’s death marks the first person to die from the deadly Ebola virus in the U.S..