Economic insanity and political reality

Globalism is the embodiment of economic insanity


“The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. […] [T]he capacity to assert social and political control over the individual will vastly increase. It will soon be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and to maintain up-to-date, complete files, containing even most personal information about the health or personal behavior of the citizen in addition to more customary data. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.” — Zbigniew Brzezinski

Globalism is the embodiment of economic insanity. There is nothing new in this scheme to supplant reality with Elysium. Dating back before the common era the manipulations were entrenched. From The Greatness and Decline of Rome, Guglielmo Ferrero, Vol. II, pg. 57:

“. . . But meanwhile, before the empire of Rome became coextensive with Alexander’s, the most immediate and decisive effect of the universal enthusiasm was to impel men to incur the most impossible obligations. Nearly every one was at once both creditor and debtor; men lent one another any little money they possessed, and borrowed again whenever they were in difficulties. Italian society had become an inextricable labyrinth of debit and credit, through the system of Syngraphae or letters of credit, which were negotiated in the same way as securities and bills of exchange today, because the scarcity of capital and the frequent oscillations in prices would have made it ruinous for them to be redeemed too frequently. Those who were in need of money attempted to sell to some financier the claims they had on other persons, and the financier would give cash payment, of course with a proportionate discount according to the prospects of the debt, the needs of the creditor and the condition of the money market. . . “

Today the world economy is portrayed as utopia. For those living under the dictates of the IMF and the international banking organism, understanding the systemic divergence between the populace and the privileged is self-evident.

Ferrero’s assessment accurately reflects today’s financial environment. What has changed? Only the sophistication of the scam and the level of the theft have increased. Muriel E. Mobley writes:

“It has been reported that international currency gambling speculations vary from $1 trillion to $1.5 trillions per day. Annuallized, this is more than ten times the total production of the planet in real goods and services. As much as $2 billion in corporate stocks change hands daily in U. S. markets alone. These cycles of financial gambling in debt have plagued humanity since well before the Roman follies reported above. Solon, as reported by some historians, confronted the same problem in early 6th Century BC Attica. Historically, there are many more examples of bubble and bust economies. So, we are doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. What better explanation is there than insanity?”

The fantasy world of debt manufactured “Free Trade” is the only product that is still being made in this country. The outcome of this system allows for the control of continents and the enslavement of mankind. Mobley cites a fund-raising letter from 50 Years Is Enough:

“Michel Camdessus, Managing Director of the IMF, in fact, told a group of U. S. religious leaders that he was willing to ‘sacrifice a generation’ in order to realize the so-called benefits of the macro-economic model” . . . “That the fund-raising letter is credible is demonstrated by Camdessus’s Structural Adjustment Program for Indonesia. First, a fifty per cent devaluation of currency which means Indonesians will pay a doubled price for imported goods; and second, a sixty per cent decrease in wages for Indonesian workers which will give them sixty percent less money to pay the doubled prices”.

All you have to do is shop and look at the want ads to see that prices keep going up and wages fall. Who doubts that a currency devaluation of the U.S. Dollar is on the horizon? An economic crisis is planned. A housing bubble will hit every household. The future for succeeding generations will become progressively worse. As the mechanisms of a false mutual dependency become codified with every trade treaty, the indebtedness of the entire society geometrically grows.

As the illusions of prosperity vanish the hard reality of a diminished existence becomes more evident. Quality of life, but a memory, impacts a society addicted to media distractions, mood altering drugs and self-indulgent behavior.                             Yes, we all share variant degrees in blame for allowing the deception that underpins our culture. But most of us are not components in design of the malignancy that operates as the world power structure. The foremost gangsters of our time are those who reached the highest pinnacle of global acceptability. The titans of transnational globalism are much more than corporate executives. They are conspirators in the most predacious plot that continues, uninterrupted since the earliest days of empire.

The post modern age is driven by the spread of technological exploitation. The means to impose the will of a small select group of Mattoids has never been greater. Diverse despotic aspirants are joined together in alliance for a common purpose of homogeneous global domination. The accurate chronicle that explains the working of the world rests upon the manipulation of money and banking, which controls commerce and extorts treasure and political supremacy for those who operate the parasitic interdependent economic system.

The operative political reality is dismissed or denied by the public as they internalize their worldview from the propaganda of an obedient media. The Weltanschauung that really controls the planet is praised as benevolent, altruistic and progressive.                             Nothing could be further from the truth. It operates upon the age old practice of slavery and dominance. In order to destroy this perverted power structure, rational and courageous opponents must de-legitimize the appropriated authority, which has been stolen from sovereign individuals. Just eliminating financial Bilderbergs won’t eradicate the evil system that bankrupts our future and liquidates us towards a monetary Armageddon.

The economic alternative is an independent national economy based upon sound money, limited government and individual political empowerment. So how can liberation from global rule be achieved when humanity is already in the firm grips of an all present “world community empire”? The candid answer is it is unlikely to transform into a just society, but that tragic conclusion does not absolve one of forfeiting your dignity and responsibility to resist. Resignation to servitude has always been the fate that most choose. Those who reject complacency and serfdom will evoke revolution. Yet force of arms to push aside the ruling cabal looks as distant as the dream that sprung out of our war for independence.

Muriel Mobley observes and concludes with:

“Michel Camdessus and his supporting cast of financiers, economists, and political sycophants will cause more death and destruction than all the psychotic, serial killers in all of human history combined. Camdessus and company are remote from the results of their actions taken for the sake of financial and economic abstractions. They are as immune from recognition of the tragedy they visit upon people as any psychotic, serial killer”.

Can you imagine a world where Bilderberg proponents were treated as lepers and pariah? Identity isolation from civilized society where their money and clout would no longer buy service or invoke obedience. Repudiation, shunning and rejection of their ability to buy or sell denied by the very employees that run the apparatus of their money machines. Wire transfers errors, telecommunication crashes, jet excursion delays, motor vehicle breakdowns, tripped security alarms with lax responses, sloppy estate gardening, wretched cuisse at banquets, sagging face lifts from excessive elective surgeries, cultist offspring recruitment, bugs from affair partners, sexual harassment threats, gossip of financial troubles, rumors of government investigations, embarrassment among peers, class action lawsuits, fiduciary fraud charges and the best for last anti-Semitic sympathies . . .

Use your imagination. All weapons are fair game in the hunt to bag a Bilderberg elite. Political reality proves that democratic rule is a farce and has become the proprietary tool of the globalist to manage the irritation coming from the people. Economic insanity is to accept the slavish crumbs thrown at you from the illegitimate global monopoly that partners with every government in an unholy alliance to control their domestic populations. True free enterprise is the operative alternative to collective specie management. Animal control has your place in a zoo of neutered hyenas with a locked jaw. Trust your natural instincts, stop being docile prey, strike back – survival of the fittest – means confrontation with the parasites.

Source: BATR

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