Red pill or blue pill?

(INTELLIHUB) — Jiu-Jitsu instructor Eddie Bravo and comedian Bryan Callen passionately argued over “Pizzagate” and other conspiracy theories on Joe Rogan’s podcast last Saturday.

While Bravo believes that “Pizzagate” and other conspiracies are real, Callen argued that such accusations are absurd, citing that the mainstream media has already proven “Pizzagate” to be a “hoax.”

“It’s been debunked. It’s the biggest bunch of bullshit. Dude, Eddie, Eddie, it’s fake news […] it was proven to be a horseshit story. If you buy into it the joke is on you,” Callen said.

“It’s a fake news story.”

Joe Rogan chimed in and and said the story was “disturbing.”

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