Egyptian Official Says Torture Dungeon is “Like a Hotel”

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By John Vibes

Egyptian officials recently defended the conditions of their torture prisons, comparing them to hotels

CAIRO, EGYPT (INTELLIHUB) — Tuesday night Gen. Abdel Fattah Osman, who heads the media department at the Interior Ministry for the new government in Egypt defended the terrible conditions that exist within the country’s prisons.  In an interview on the independent satellite television channel ONTV, Osman was asked if the “talk of torture and rape in prisons” was legitimate.

Osman replied by saying that “This talk is so far from reality and logic, if anything is proved, we deal with it using our disciplinary code.”

“Prisons in Egypt have become like hotels, he added.

The politician also claimed that the government was offering “some form of hospitality” to the detainees, many of whom are locked away with no trial.

Eyewitness accounts from the prisons tell a very different story than what was suggested by Osman on live television.

The Los Angeles Times reported that an Amnesty International report that came out in May said that hundreds of civilians could have been “disappeared” and held without charges in a military prison camp just northeast of Cairo, where they were subjected to torture in order to force confessions.

“They took off my clothes and gave me electric shocks all over my body … including on my testicles, and beat me with batons and military boots,” one political prisoner told the rights group. “They handcuffed me from behind and hung me on a door … in one interrogation they burned my beard with a lighter.”

Some estimates suggest that as many as 20,000 people have been locked away without any formal charges since the old tyrant Morsi was taken down and a new tyrant took his place.

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