Electronic license plates hit Bay Area, allow for custom message, GPS tracking

Traceable electronic license plates will likely become the new norm on every vehicle as government bureaucrats push for a total and complete police state technocracy

SACRAMENTO (INTELLIHUB) — Reviver Auto will be the first to market electronic license plates in the state of California which will allow for the vehicle’s administrator to display custom messages and track the vehicle’s location. However, the technology appears to be a dual-edged sword, to some extent, as it may also be extremely advantageous for select businesses, law enforcement agencies, and those in the private sector who feel a need to monitor the whereabouts of a specific vehicle, its driver, and/or its passengers at any given time.

The pricey plates will retail at Bay Area dealerships for $699 as part of a Department of Motor Vehicles pilot program that’s aiming to make those old yearly stick-on tags a thing of the past, as users of the new technology will be allowed to update their vehicle registrations online which may be more convenient. Although, such convenience will come with a monthly fee of $7, which comes to $84 yearly.

In terms of the unit, much like electronic pad or eBook, each unit comes equipped with its own data processing and storage chips, an Internet up-link, and a battery which enables the vehicle displaying the plate to then be tracked in real time.

According to a report out of the Sacramento Bee: “Under the pilot program rules, the state can allow up to one-half of 1 percent of the state’s 35 million vehicles — or about 175,000 vehicles — to use the plates during the test period.”

Right now about 120 vehicles in the state are equipped with the new electronic plates but the number is expected to steadily rise as the demand increases. At least 24 of the 120 vehicles equipped with the new plate system are government-operated.

The city of Sacramento has become the first city in the United States to test out the new technology which the city is now using on its 24 vehicle in-house fleet.

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