PYONGYANG (INTELLIHUB) — An embarrassing moment for the short chubby communist leader Kim Jong-un struck when Sunday’s missile test didn’t quite go as planned and ended with an explosion almost immediately after launch.

The latest failed provocation from North Korea to ‘threaten the world’ comes just one day after the mentally insane leader put on a massive display of military might in a parade that was held in the capitol’s Central District Kim II-Sung Square where the military rolled out intercontinental ballistic missiles for all to see.

The attempted launch of the missile took place from North Korea’s eastern port city of Sinpo and was strongly condemned by South Korean leaders.

“It’s the fifth time this year that North Korea has fired ballistic missiles. This is another clear violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions. We strongly condemn the launch as a threat to South Korea and the international community.,” CHO June-hyuck, a spokesman for the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

South Korea’s National Security Council has convened on the issue of the North’s recent and escalating provocations and plans respond strongly to any future provocation.

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U.S. President Donald Trump has been briefed on the situation and has not yet commented publically.

Radio talk show host Alex Jones addressed the failed missile test in a video published Saturday evening to the official Alex Jones Channel on YouTube.

In the video, Jones said that he may have spoken too soon when the deadline passed for Kim Jong-un to launch.

“So I came on air about 45 minutes after the deadline had passed and said ‘thank God, your prayers, it’s so great North Korea blinked they didn’t fire the missile, they also didn’t test the nuke,'” Jones said. “They waited until Sunday, in the early morning hours there, on the 16th to launch, [where the missile] reportedly blew up on the launchpad.”

“This is a big deal,” the O.G. godfather of truth said, who also went on to point out that the U.S. may have used a powerful laser mounted to a jumbo jet to explode the missile.

Type in “jumbo jet chemical laser” to Google Jones said, “It usually gets it. […] They have had these for about 30-years.”

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