Enemy propaganda: After promoting hard-left radicals for weeks, CNN now claims Trump trying to start civil war


CNN openly running “enemy propaganda” against President Trump

(INTELLIHUB) — In yet another stunning example of the mainstream media literally working to take out the elected president, CNN’s Don Lemon laughably accused President Trump of “trying to ignite a civil war” despite the fact that the network has openly supported violence carried out by the left for weeks.

“He has given oxygen to racists,” Lemon claimed. “He hasn’t really said anything to denounce the alt-right, he is clearly trying to ignite a civil war in this country. He has not tamped down race.”

Keep in mind that Trump has literally denounced elements of the so-called alt-right at least 5 different times since the horrific events in Charlottesville but according to Lemon that apparently wasn’t enough.

Even more ridiculous, as Lemon spewed his unhinged rant, one of the guests who was on his show at the time has himself openly called for and supported the idea of a civil war in America to take out Donald Trump. Establishment GOP consultant has in the past month publicly called for a civil war yet CNN wants the American people to believe it is somehow Trumps fault.

As Mark Dice noted, this is “beyond fake news” and can better be described as literal enemy propaganda.

Lemon’s rant also shows that CNN most likely believes their average viewer is a straight idiot, especially when you consider that the network themselves have promoted violence on the left for weeks and now want to blame Trump for it.

As Intellihub News recently reported, the entire mainstream media, including CNN, are now openly working to legitimatize leftist violence as heroic.

“Yahoo News, CNN, and numerous other publications have all published uncritical pieces on the transparently violent group over the last 48 hours while at the same time attacking the president with “fake news” claims that he didn’t disavow white supremacists in his numerous statements to the nation after the horrific car attack in Virginia,” Alex Thomas reported.

Amazingly, at the very moment that Lemon was on air claiming that Trump was trying to start a civil war, leftists were literally in the streets committing crimes. Various videos from the riots show Antifa like thugs attacking police as the mainstream media calls them peaceful.

In CNN’s world the above protesters are the good guys and the people being attacked (police, Trump supporters) are the bad guys trying to start a civil war for their leader.

You truly can’t make this stuff up.

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