Entire crowd of 10,000 says “Mexico” is building the wall!

Trump's message resonates throughout the populace

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — “This is like a record setting crowd I understand […] the biggest they ever had,” GOP front-runner Donald J. Trump told the crowd after setting the venue’s attendance record with more than 10,000. Trump boasted a purple tie with a navy blue suit, garnering the crowds attentions as they chanted:

“Trump, Trump, Trump […]”

“Who’s going to build that wall,” Trump asked.

The crowd answered loudly in unison:


During the event Trump encouraged supporters to “just go out and vote” and told them to ignore the word “caucus,” keeping it simple.

“We have got to go all the way. We are going to make America great again.”

Shortly after Trump plugged Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio for endorsing him as his presidential pick, hat-tipping the toughest person in America on illegal immigration in front of the vibrant crowd.

“It takes guts to run for president, let me tell you,” said Trump. “We are going to straighten it out.”

‘Mexico has become the new China,’ Trump explained.

Now that companies like Carrier who are planning or may have already moved to Mexico need to pay a “35 percent tax,” Trump said.

But the bottom line is that “we have to put our country back together and it’s a mess.”

‘My running-mates are taking donations from pharmaceutical companies.’ 

Shortly after a protester was taken out casing some cameras in the building to pan and show the audience mostly wearing “Trump” shirts.

Trump quickly talked about Bernie Sanders crowd of 3000 and how the press made it out to be a big deal vs. Trump’s 10,000 to 12,000 head sold-out crowds.

Trump took a quick moment to talk about Hillary’s fraud.

“Looks like Hillary is going to get a pass on her email scandal,” said Trump.

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