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By Shepard Ambellas

There has been distaste around the world for America in recent years. The last few presidencies have appeared as failures, the national debit is out of sight, skyrocketing into oblivion, and the U.S. dollar is on a staged downhill slide.

Our rights and freedoms are currently under attack in the name of our safety and the false war on terror. The bankers have looted us for our tax dollars as the Fed continues to prop up the economy before it reaches the cliff face.

The entire world is watching, waiting to make a move, or waiting for someone to put us on track. Our country is ran by not only a bunch of criminals but really what it comes down to it, they unqualified to serve the people of America.

Economic trends researchers such as Gerald Celente have stated that people are feeling it (depression) which is causing them to wake up in mass. The economy is not the only thing that is alerting people on a large scale.

The TSA body scanner issue is a good example of a mass awakening happening that even the mainstream can not deny.


It looks as if America is slowly making progress getting back in touch with some of their business roots, in spite of big business control over the private sector and political campaigns.

Entrepreneur’s such as Donald Trump are a key part of what really makes up the foundation of America; the very foundation Obama and the bankers are ever so quickly eroding.

Here is an excerpt from a recent CBS article…

Donald Trump: I’ll Decide on Presidential Run by June


Real estate magnate and reality television star Donald Trump said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” today that he’ll make a decision about running for president in 2012 by June. Luckily for Trump, a June announcement wouldn’t overlap with the upcoming Spring season of his reality show, “Celebrity Apprentice.”

“It could be fun because I’d like to see some positive things happen for the country,” Trump said of running for the presidency. “I’m going to make a decision probably by June.”

How could Trump be any more unprepared than the last few presidents? Would Trump stand a chance, a shot at the 2012 presidency if he announced his run?

He might have most of the capitol, pull, stamina, and contacts to actually run the race properly. Watching Trump on his hit reality TV show “The Apprentice” gives you an impression he might take the presidency very seriously.

What are your thoughts on Donald Trump for president? Is he nothing more than a shill or would he help put American back on track?

Please post your comments and Speak your mind below

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