ESA scrubs NEO asteroid’s Sept 22 close approach data altogether, raising red flag

Both the media and the European Space Agency may be complicit in the cover-up of an Earthbound near-Earth asteroid originally listed as having a "non-zero" chance of impacting the planet in late September

The European Space Agency has been caught scrubbing controversial close approach and risk list data from its official website that pertains to a near-Earth asteroid dubbed 2018 SV13 which the agency and various mainline news outlets along with Intellihub had previously reported as having a “non-zero” probability of impacting the planet or air-bursting inside the Earth’s atmosphere during its 22 September approach.

News Heads reported back in early July:

“…the European Space Agency has a risk list which identifies all the asteroids which have a non-zero impact, which basically means that they have a high chance of hitting or colliding with the Earth. One such asteroid is 2018 SV13 which is roughly 131 feet in diameter. They have predicted that this asteroid will be close to the Earth in September this year and has a high chance of hitting or colliding with the Earth. As per a report in ibtimes, this asteroid will hit Earth on 22nd September but chances are that it may burn up in the atmosphere and there may not be any impact but burning in the atmosphere can also be dangerous as it will most likely produce an explosion which could be potentially dangerous.”

ESA originally stated that the object is traveling at a speed of about 44,000 miles-per-hour.

The object had been cataloged in the ESA risk list for 624 days at the time the original Intellihub report was authored on 12 July and now it has been removed entirely.

To boot, the close approach data for 2019 SV13 was also scrubbed from the list for the year 2020 which raises a major red flag.

ESA Space Situational Awareness NEO Close Approach Data (2018 SV13)

According to the new data, 2018 SV13 will not approach the Earth closely on Sept 22, 2020, as the agency originally listed but will rather make its next close approach in August of 2022 which doesn’t add up. Why would the agency track the object for over 600 days, know all of its future close approach dates, and then scrub this year’s data? Why? What’s coming?

Look at these next images posted to Facebook on Saturday of what appears to be a lingering asteroid.

Intellihub reached out on Saturday to the owner of the Facebook page that posted the images only to receive the following reply:

“It was in Fraserburgh Aberdeenshire, Scotland at the back of my house on Saturday evening at 11:15 PM.”

Screenshot via Facebook

Remain vigilant and keep your eyes to the sky–especially on 22 Sept.

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