Estimated $1B in gold to be harnessed off coast of South Carolina following court appointed order

A publicly traded firm struck gold recently, reacquiring a lost treasure via a court appointed order

By Staff Writer

SOUTH CAROLINA (INTELLIHUB) — A fortune of gold, estimated to be worth nearly $1 billion, was recently reacquired off the east coast by Odyssey Marine Exploration following the issuance of a court appointed exploration authorization for the famous 1857  shipwreck of the S.S. Central America, a 280-foot steamship which was carrying 407 passengers, 101 crew members and at least 21 tones of gold when it sunk in a category 2 hurricane.

A 1988 a Ohio search team led by Tommy Thompson located the wreckage and recovering about 2 tones of gold bullion before undergoing legal issues, thus never returning to the site. Now in 2014 the exploration has now fully been taken over by Odyssey Marine Exploration and will continue throughout the coming weeks.

While it has been reported that approximately 5% of the ships gold has been recovered to date, some believe that a secret military shipment of bullion was also aboard the vessel as noted in the book “Ship of gold in the deep blue sea” by Gary Kinder.

(Image: Wikimedia Commons)