Estimated 1M mummified bodies found in Egyptian necropolis, some 7ft tall

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No explanation of where the bodies came from, scientists say

By Shepard Ambellas

FAIYUM, EGYPT (INTELLIHUB) — So far over 1,700 mummified bodies, of an estimated 1 million, have been unearthed in a necropolis South of Cairo.

It appears the mummies are approximately 1,500-years-old, buried during the time when Rome control vast swaths of Egypt.

However, the discovery has scientists scratching their heads as the literally have no explanation of where all of the bodies came from.

At least one body was reported to be more than 7ft. tall.

Kerry Muhlestein, the project director, from Brigham Young University, Utah, said for every 5 x 5 sq. meter sand plot excavated at least 40 bodies have found, showing the true significance of the site.

According to a recent report, the site named “Fag el-Gamous”, a necropolis, when translated means “The way of the buffalo”.

Interestingly most of the bodies were buried with no coffin. However key features of the bodies, like the brains, tongues and nails, seem to be well-preserved.

The mummies were also reported to have been separated into different burial sections based on their hair color.

According to Muhlestein, the researchers can use the database to “show us all of the blonde burials, and [it shows] they are clustered in one area, or all of the red-headed burials, and [it shows] they’re clustered in another area.”, as reported by RT.

Shockingly the massive cemetery spans over 300 acres and is thought to have many hidden secrets not yet uncovered or revealed by archeologists.

Most of the bodies appear to have been poor people or “common” folk, according to the Daily Mail.

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