Even one illegal immigrant is too many — if even one exists we have no country

Have you fell victim to the 'illegal immigrant' PSYOP?

(INTELLIHUB) — No matter what way you slice it, nowadays, in 2016, countries with borders exist worldwide. This is not a conspiracy, it’s just a simple fact as the world has been set up that way, just like that old board-game Risk. Ever since you were a kid you saw maps and globes with borders printed on them. And although we may not all agree with borders or the concept of borders — nevertheless they do exist and so do illegal immigrants.

It’s also important to note that because countries exist as do borders — so do various border laws and regulations which typically are reserved to nation states individually.

In America, much like Mexico, we have immigration laws that actually exist. So in a nutshell; if a person is inside the United States without proper documentation — they are inside the country ‘illegally’ and have likely entered the country ‘illegally,” meaning: they are illegal. This is fact — it’s plain and simple — cut and dry. You see, if even one person is inside the country ‘illegally’ then we do not have a country. Meaning: the current Administration and all previous Administrations should be considered total failures as an estimated 11,400,000 undocumented illegal aliens are believed to reside within our nation’s borders in 2016. Simply put, politicians in Washington are doing nothing to maintain the country’s dignity or integrity, hence why the entire world thinks we are a joke as a nation, as pointed out by Republican Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump and others on numerous occasions.

Additionally it’s also important to note how the recent terror attacks in Brussels are only a byproduct of failed open border policies and only provide a glimpse into the future of what may be coming to America.

Univision journalist Jorge Ramos recently appeared on Fox News to express his point of view on illegal immigration. During the broadcast Ramos basically told Sean Hannity that illegal immigrants are good and don’t contribute to any crime in the country.

Ramos went on defend some 11 million illegal immigrants currently residing in the Unites States.

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