GIZA COMPLEX, Egypt (INTELLIHUB) — It’s not really a secret anymore that modern day humans can’t even build a pyramid with modern technology, let alone with wood rollers, ramps and a gang of slaves.

“Very sophisticated ancient technology” has now been captured on film at the site of the Great Pyramid.

In fact, “vertical lines” can be seen “going down the stone,” across its surface as if a giant planing machine was used.

“There seems to be quite a pattern to it,” Brien Foerster said.

It’s clear that you can actually see saw-cuts and where the saw stopped, Foester said.

The thickness “of the saw blade appears to be one-eighth of and inch” and the cuts were likely made with a “large circular saw.”

There was “machining technology at work.”

Moreover, Foester said that “they flattened the plateau in order to build the pyramid on top of it.”

The external casing stones around the pyramid also show a perfectly tight fit, which also signifies evidence of machining.

“The extent of erosion is quite astonishing.”

So what does all of this mean?

There are several possibilities I assume.

One of which would be that humans have actually lost technology and went backwards after suffering some sort of major calamity on Earth, such as the ‘Great Flood.’

Another would be that an advance Alien species once visited Earth and built monuments.

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