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By JG Vibes
March 21, 2013

This week former San Antonio police officer James chin was charged with multiple cases of aggravated sexual assault of a child.  The charges stem from a prolonged period of sexual abuse that lasted over 5 years, with the victims being just 6 and 8 year old girls at the time when it began.

According to a local news report:

“A jury Tuesday ordered a former police officer accused of molesting two children over a five-year period to serve 14 separate 30-year sentences, as well as three 15-year terms.  Immediately after the sentencing verdicts, which took jurors about three hours to reach, state District Judge Melisa Skinner ordered that one of James Chin‘s aggravated sexual assault of a child sentences be stacked on top of one of the indecency with a child sentences.

The move essentially upped his total prison time to 45 years. The other terms will be served concurrently.  Chin, 39, was a sergeant in Our Lady of the Lake University‘s Campus Police Department when he first met the young sisters in 2002. His career has also included stints at the Helotes Police Department and as a San Antonio code enforcement officer.

He did not come into contact with the children through his jobs. The rapes allegedly began in 2005, when the older child was about 8. Her sister, two years younger, told jurors she was targeted during a nine-month period in 2010.”

“He told me he was going to teach me something that my mom would probably never teach me,” the older child, now 15, testified through tears last week as she was asked to describe the first incident.

Sadly, many people have come to the defense of the rapist, saying that he has been judged too harshly, but many of these supporters are curiously involved with the courts and the legal system, showing an obvious bias in the case.  This bias begs the question of how many more times this happens and goes unreported, simply because the predator happens to be a state sanctioned thug.

In fact, just this week a story came to light about how a sheriff’s deputy followed a teenager into her bedroom and made her change her clothes while he photographed her, telling her not to wake her parents up.

Jane Doe’s parents Tabetha and Ricky O’Connor sued Sumner County, Tenn., and its Deputy Sheriff Christopher Cunningham, in Federal Court.

That case is still pending however, the O’Connors are seeking punitive damages for constitutional violations, trespass, assault and battery, false arrest, negligence, and negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

There is no telling how many similar cases have gone unreported worldwide.


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