Exclusive: 1 October shooter still alive after second 32nd-floor breach

It appears the American people have been lied to altogether when it comes to the 1 October Las Vegas shooting and now newly released body camera footage proves that a shooter was still alive and attacking after the second SWAT breach

SWAT radio communications from the night of the 1 October attack on the Las Vegas Strip reveal that a shooter (identity unknown) was still alive and “still going” on the 32nd-floor following Stephen Paddock’s reported death and the second explosive breach into the adjacent room 134.

The bombshell audio captured on a timestamped officer-worn body camera proves without a shadow of a doubt that there was more going on on the 32nd-floor then authorities have led the public to believe.

According to the LVMPD’s Force Investigation Team Report, page 15:

At approximately 11:20 pm: “The Strike Team conducted an explosive breach into room 32-135 and made entry. The Strike Team reported Paddock was down from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.”

At approximately 11:26 pm: “The Strike Team made a second explosive breach from inside of room 32-135 into room 32-134 through the connecting doors. Immediately after the explosive breach an LVMPD SWAT Officer negligently fired a three-round burst from his rifle. The rounds fired from the SWAT officer’s rifle struck a chair, an entertainment center/cabinet, and a wall.”

However, the times and explanations mentioned in the police report do not reflect what was captured on a timestamped officer-worn body camera.


At 11:28 pm in the video as a SWAT officer descends the tower in an elevator with one fellow officer and a Mandalay Bay security guard, the SWAT officer tells his colleague that the shooter is “dead” on the 32nd-floor as the radio chatter filled his earpiece.

“He’s down,” he explained. “He’s dead.”

Yet, just one minute later at 11:29 pm the SWAT officer can be heard saying: “Multiple breaches on the 32nd-floor — shots fired,” as the communications come in.

“He’s still alive on thirty-two,” he said excitedly. “He’s still alive! Hey, he’s still going on thirty-two — take me to thirty-two.”

Who did the breach team encounter after the second breach into room 134? Why has this key detail gone unreported?

Additionally, it’s important to note at least one shot was captured on video emerging from the window of room 32-134 which was likely directed toward either the venue or the fuel tanks. Not to mention, SWAT fired 16 rounds through the adjacent door which has gone unreported by the authorities altogether.

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