Expert: Charlottesville attack was a pre-planned, staged confrontation carried out by the deep state


Charlottesville’s Michael Signer colludes with Richard Spencer to create a pre-planned, staged confrontation [FBI/CIA]!

The recent tragedy in Charlottesville Va. where fully armed Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists marched in unison to protest the withdrawal of the Robert E. Lee statue. This protest was planned months ago (see recent posts).

The fact that these individuals shouted ‘racist’ and ‘anti-Semitic’ slurs belied one simple fact. Like any movement which supposedly represents so-called American Nationalism or pro-Trump sentiments, Richard Spencer’s influence was quite apparent to me. Spencer’s cohort is the has been Grand Wizard of the KKK David Duke. By now, David has been on the payroll of the FBI and several other federal organizations for decades.

What caught my attention in the recent blusterous moment of faux-history was that the two antagonists facing off in this Civil War Wrestlemania have almost identical backgrounds! Let me be more specific. This “confrontation” is a highly staged event by two men who have rapacious political ambitions but are seemingly at opposite ends of the political spectrum. In reality, these two men are far more similar than different. Both are born of wealth. Each is a spoiled, effete intellectual who has never served our country other than reaching into the bowels of local and national politics in order to promote their narcissism.

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Richard Spencer, the supposed intellectual backbone of a gang of pro-Nazi losers, was born in the highly liberal town of Boston, Mass. Get this: He was born to the exceedingly wealthy, liberal ophthalmologist Dr. Rand Spencer MD and Sherry Dickenhorst, the heiress to cotton farms in Louisiana. No fool be he! Spencer went on to the University of Virginia studying English Literature and Music where he received High Distinctions. Does this sound like a manly type of Nazi He-Man?


Spencer has daddy issues and needed to prove that he was smarter than his highly professional father. So Spencer then went on to the University of Chicago where this ‘she-man’ received a M.A. in Humanities.[All Wikipedia]. Not content to be completely self-feminized, he traveled to Vienna International Summer University. Did he want to waltz or stroll through the Vienna Woods on a leisurely day?

We have no evidence that he did anything that would make him a representative of the white-working class: working in construction, building a company, or serving in our military. God forbid! It was too much bother! Still feeling inadequate, Spencer we went on to get another degree at the University of Chicago to study Modern European Intellectual History. He furthered his worthless life by ‘pursuing a life of thought [crime]’. Whatever that means?

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Next, Spencer fled to Whitefish, Montana because he could not find a real job like the working class deplorables that he supposedly represents. BTW, WhiteFish is a tony, antique shop laden very expensive place to fish but nothing is off the table when it comes to luxury for our man Spencer. At the same time, he would commute to another house in Arlington, Va. [also expensive].

Spencer then married and divorced a Russian-American wife, Nina Kouprianova, a political analyst of contemporary Russian and U. S. Foreign Policy. What do you want to make a bet that she and he are connected to the [CIA]?

On the other side of the political spectrum, we have an equally laissez –faire, useless intellectual named Michael Signer. Interesting that Signer worked for John Podesta the Molesta and was in Obama’s State Department Transition Team. Hmmm.

This prissy she-man just like Spencer lived in Arlington Va. and graduated Magnum Cum Laude from Princeton University in political science. Just like Spencer, he went on to the University of California, Berkley and received his law degree from guess where? Yes, the University of Virginia Law School. So both opponents went to the same school and lived in the same places?

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Nothing in psychological profiling/ intelligence/ HUMINT is ever accidental. Signer went on to found the UVA Coalition for Progress on Race. He taught a course at Washington D.C.’s Politics and Prose, a very liberal bookstore that refused to carry any of my Tom Clancy novels. Oh yeah that’s the same bookstore that’s down the block from Comet Ping Pong and Besta Pizza. Remember what happened there….

There is no question that each man was working for some federal agency [CIA, FBI], coordinating their activities with their respective political parties [Rep./Dems.], always maintaining hidden agendas writ in covert languages.

Americans will not be duped into thinking that this is more than a dangerous ‘theater of the absurd.’ It’s time for our military officers surrounding Trump to step in and demand some sense of law and order in this country without any prejudice or negligence.

Any further contrived future confrontations should be eliminated or pre-empted by the Trump Administration. Our present military should eliminate any form of Agitation Propaganda [CIA/FBI-agit-prop].

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Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher wrote the following:

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” 

Via – H/T Infowars

Dr. Steve Pieczenik is a world-renowned expert in psychological warfare, political psychology, regime change, intelligence, counterintelligence and covert operations.
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